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Myanmar: Tens of Thousands Join Protest led by Monks

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Myanmar bloggers are posting videos and pictures of the large protest that took place earlier today in Yangon, the former capital and the largest city in Myanmar. The protest was led by Buddhist monks. It is the latest in a series of month long demonstrations against the military government and was initially fueled by price rises.

via Burmadigest.info [1]

Following blogs have pictures of the day's happening. (via Blog of Nyein Chan Yar [2])

Niknayman blog [3]
Justice and Injustice [4]
Soneseayar Blog [5] (A video clip from the streets of Yangon)
Myanmar Media, Education & Development Watch [6]

Sa -nare-nar comments on the above blog.

I would lidke to request all our friend gp doctors to take care of our monks. I hope they are doing the right thing. Please inform your nearest Dr about sick monks in order to visit them for treatment. Medical professionals include doctors, indigenous practitioners and nurses