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Arabeyes: Homophobia in Kuwait

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Kuwait, Health, Human Rights, LGBTQ+, Youth

Kuwaiti blogger Frankom (Ar) writes [1] an explosive post about what he thinks of homosexuals in his country and how to best deal with them, sparking a debate from readers about how his views are totally out of line.

He writes:

قبل أن أبدأ فيما أود طرحه اليوم … سأثبت أنني عنصري من الدرجة الاولى !! نعم عنصري متشدد … لن أطرح مقال هذا أبيض أو أسود … ولن أقول هذا هندي أو صعيدي ! ليست هذه العنصرية التي أتحدث عنها ! بل سأتحدث عن فئة أخرى ظهرت لها جمعيات وأيدتها دول كبيرة … هناك حقوق وواجبات لهم ! بل لهم الحق في العيش على هذه الارض تماما كما نحن نفعل ! لا ليسوا مخلوقات غريبة ، فالمخلوقات الغريبة تنقس الى نوعين فقط … لا ثالث لهم أبدا
لا أريد أن أسبب مشاكل قومية من دول مجاورة أو صديقة ! ولا أريد أن أتطرق الى دول كانت تسمى بدول ضد والان هي دول صديقة … بل سأكون صارما فيما يحدث هنا بالكويت
Before I start discussing what I am about to talk about today.. I will prove to you that I am a racist of the first degree!! Yes, an extremist racist. I will not talk about black and white. I will not say this person is an Indian and the other is a villager from Egypt! This isn't the discrimination I am talking about. I will be talking about another group of people who now have societies and the backing of great countries. They actually have rights and duties! In fact, they have the right to live in this world just like the rest of us! No, they aren't weird species, because such species can be divided into two types and not three. I don't want to cause national problems with close and friendly countries! And I don't want to talk about countries which were considered ‘against’ and are now ‘friendly’ so I will be firm and talk about what is happening here in Kuwait.
يوم أمس توجهنا لتناول وجبة العشاء في أحد المطاعم كان في استقبالنا في ذلك المطعم الصغير أحد الاشخاص من دول شرق أسيا … كان “الترف” أو “الجنس” كما يحلو للبعض شخص غير ودود على عكس “الجنوس” من نفس جاليته وقبيلته في المطاعم الاخرى أو حتى في مراكز التسوق !
هذه الفئة أصبحت تجتاح الكويت عن بكرة أبيها … بل أصبحت الشركات الكبرى تعتمد عليها في التسويق والمبيعات ! ربما بسبب أجور العمالة المنخفضة !! ولكن وفي الجهة المقابلة هناك أسباب لابد من الوقوف عندها … عدد هذه الجالية أو هذه الفئة بدأ يزداد بشكل كبير جدا فمع كل مطعم ، كافيه ، نادي صحي ، مركز تسوق ، جمعية أو حتى العمالة المنزلية … لابد من أن تجدهم
Yesterday we went to a restaurant for dinner and were welcomed in that small place by someone from East Asia. That gay as some like to call them wasn't as friendly as the rest from his background we see in other restaurants and shopping complexes! This type seems to be overtaking Kuwait and in fact many of the big companies are depending on them for marketing and sales. Is it because of the their low salaries? Nevertheless, there are factors we need to reflect on because the number of those who fall within this category is increasing a lot as you are bond to see them in every restaurant, cafe, health club, shopping mall, supermarket and even among domestic helpers.
عدد صناّع الخمور وبيوت الدعارة بل حتى شقق الدعارة المنتشرة بين منطقة حولي والسالمية أصبح كبير ! عدد مدمني المخدرات منهم من يروج لشباب الكويت للفتك بهذا المجتمع كبير جدا ! عدد العصابات أصبح أكبر وأكبر … والان المصيبة الكبرى… عدد الشواذ الذي أصبح البعض من شباب هذا المجتمع يعتمد عليه في الجنس بسبب قلة الاسعار .. اصبح أخطر وأخطر
نسبة كبيرة منهم من يحمل مرض الايدز (والعياذ بالله) ونسبة أكبر تتمركز هنا في الكويت بدون حسيب أو رقيب ! … هل هم فقط من أريد التحدث عنها ؟ بالطبع لا
الفئة الاخرى من الشواذ هم أيضا اما كويتيون أو من فئة غير محددي الجنسية وأيضا هناك منهم جنسيات عربية أخرى تسعى للفتك بهذا المجتمع … مالحل ؟
The number of people who make alcohol from their homes and brothels is increasing in Hawalli and Salemiya areas! The number of drug addicts who are peddling drugs among Kuwaiti youth is huge as well! The number of gangsters is also getting bigger and bigger.. and now the problem is even greater .. as the numbers of gays increase many youth in this society depends on them for sex because they are cheaper. This is becoming more dangerous than ever because some of them carry the deadly AIDS virus and a large percentage of them have made Kuwait their base, where there is no one to put them in check. Are those the only ones I want to talk about? Of course not. There are other categories of gays who include Kuwaitis, those of unknown nationalities and some of Arab nationalities too, whose main aim is to prey on our society and break it apart. What is the solution?

offers three “solutions” which include banishing them from Kuwait to countries which tolerate homosexuality, sending them to police academies and the army .. or … check out the comments on the post to figure out for yourselves what his third option is.

“you guys sound ignorant.
I’m not gay, but you are acting as if it is a disease.
People don’t plan their life to become gay, they go through shit and end up this way, Allah yashfeehom.
About the remark about Philipinos, who would work at burgerking if you get rid of Philipinos? Kuwaities?
I seriously doubt it.
The hate and the ignorance, people.
Pray for guidness & recovery,” comments a reader who signed off as I'm Not Gay.

Blogger Judy Abbott chimes in:

oh my gosh why are you monsters here… tara some of them are seriously ill – hormonally.. and emotionally sick.. some of them actually fight not to be gays but they ends up being lonely .