Ramadan Kareem From Kuwait

Ramadan Kareem to all from Kuwait. Despite the month of fasting, Kuwaiti bloggers are on the roll this week.

We kick off our weekly round up with Ansam over at Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, who lists all of Kuwait's museums, starting with Part 1.

I have been wanting to write about Kuwaiti museums for long time. True, there aren't many of them but it is useful to know about what we have. I have not found official sites for all of them but provided some links.
I am still gathering more information on the other ones. Feel free to post comments about the other museums you know about so I can post about them in Part II.

The Aggressor at Aggz's Complete Waste of Time talks about an article he read in the local newspaper and his take on what they say.

I was reading this article in the local daily Al Watan about some women traders opinions of the Women's section of the trading hall (actually, a separate second floor of the building) and what I read was a bit unnerving.

Qias at Io81 gives us more insight about what small businesses face in Kuwait.

Many may have noticed that a lot of Kuwaitis are starting up businesses within their homes, and i think it's a great idea. No overhead cost like ovens and stoves perfect for catering business, no monthly rent that will scare you off and many more benefits. Of course if we where in another country these businesses would operate with full legal rights, in Kuwait they do not have any right to be in business.

Bashar from blogAllAlong explains all about Tarsheed, which means conservation in Arabic.

Now, back to the subject. Following the power crisis we had last year, and very often a scheduled power and water cut on citizens was enforced, this year some people did not waste the opportunity and started a silly huge massive campaign called TARSHEED to increase awareness of lower power consumption with the slogan “The solution is with increasing awareness”!.

Amer over at hilaliya talks about what he did on the first day of Ramadan and what he thinks of what people consider a superstar in Kuwait.

The night before Ramadan was mellow…I wrote some emails, sent some SMS's and mentally prepared for the day ahead. Flicking through the channels I caught one of my favorite movies.
Since yesterday was a Thursday (I had the day off), the first day of Ramadan was quite agreable, from a fasting point of view. As for the daily ritual, I like to break the fast with dates and water (it is Sunna from Our Prophet P.B.U.H.) and then have some soup. Following the soup, I pray the Maghbrib (Sunset) prayer and then continue with the Iftar meal (I cannot eat comfortably if I have prayer on my mind; additionally, it's best to pray when you're light and not lumbering and bloated).
Following the meal, there is the post-Futuur ritual for millions of people in Kuwait (and the Arab world) where they swarm around the TV set and watch the programs that are either on KTV, Al-Rai or the other satellite stations. Yesterday, I watched an embarrasing train-wreck in the form of the “The Halima Boland Show” (the exact translation is “The Halima Boland Riddles”).

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