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Iran: Dogs arrested

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The blogger Dastan reports [1] on the arrest of dogs by Iranian police on September 9th, to rid the country of ‘western influences’ and ‘immodesty’. The dog owners are shocked at the arrests and are worried about the fate of their pets. Furthermore, dastan notes [2] that the dogs are neither fed nor given water. The following pictures show some of the dogs that were arrested and the conditions they are being kept in.
Dog arrested in Iran

Dogs arrested in Iran

The blogger kamangir [3] posts pictures of the dogs and notes

Clearly, these dogs are not meant to live in the conditions they are being kept, but, anyways, they do not treat human beings anything better.

Within kamangir’s post is a comment [4]explaining one of the reasons for the dogs are being arrested, stating

In Islam dogs are impure, so anybody who keeps dogs has, for example, wash his or her hands after petting dogs. I think that he/she has to clean carpet if the dog’s been there 7 times before praying on it, and so forth. That’s why IRI is so against keeping the dogs at home, they think that if somebody has a dog this person is not a good muslim.
A pity, dogs are such a nice pets.

Another commenter tedders [5]asks some pertinent questions, including

“Do “good” Muslims have any pets? Or does it depend on which branch of Islam or what mullah one decides to follow?”

There have also been reports by other media [6] outlets that a young man was arrested for putting up signs around his neighborhood looking for his lost dog.

A young Iranian who was searching for his lost puppy in a Tehran neighborhood has been arrested and ordered to stand trial for ‘moral corruption’.
According to the Tehran daily, Etemad Melli, the young man was caught while putting up a notice in which he was promising a reward to anyone who found his dog.