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Indonesia: Quake Hits Indonesia, Felt in Singapore and Bangkok

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An earthquake measuring 7.9 struck near Sumatra Island in Indonesia. Officials in Malaysia, Indonesia and India have issued tsunami warnings. South East Asians are already blogging about the tremors they felt.

Sunny writes from Bangkok [1]

The effect was felt in some high rises in Bangkok, people in Silom
rushed out of their office buildings. Some even felt the water rising
in Saen Saeb Canal.I felt nothing about the quake, but I heard some friends saying there is heavy traffic on Silom road.

feels his apartment shake in Singapore

just experienced the whole block of my flat shaking 30 minutes ago!
Around 7.14pm, and last for around 2 minutes? This time, the shake is
more fierce than last time! Wonder which country is having such a
tremor earthquake?

Mr. Miyagi in Singapore [3] writes

This just in. Naomi thought the cat was under the sofa rocking it,
causing her to feel a little dizzy. Then we found the cat on his perch,
and so she asked me to sit on the sofa to feel it swaying a bit.
“Why ah?”, she asked. Being the professional bullshitter that I am, I said, “I think the seat of the sofa sits on the base in an unstable way.”
I sat on the other sofa, which didn’t “sit on a base in an unstable way”, and said, “No, this one don’t have”, and then, “eh? Got”.
For confirmation, we stared at a glass of water on the coffee table, and saw ripples.

Thirty pounces, also in Singapore, was on his computer when the tremors terrified him [4]

was sitting in front of my computer when I thought I was feeling dizzy.
Then I realised the room was moving – an inch to either side, a gentle
but rapid swaying. And then I was running out the door and downstairs
as fast as I could.7.9 scale quake in Indonesia. I couldn't
feel it when I got downstairs, but at the 17th floor, the swaying was
enough to terrify me.

Also blogging about the quake 5Xmom [5] in Penang, Malaysia and OngWeeWee [6]