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D.R of Congo: War affecting Gorilla protection efforts

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Gorilla in virunga [1]

There is a very fluid situation unfolding at the Virunga [2] national park in Congo. The Congo war [3] is spreading into the protected Gorilla sector in the Virunga mountains, which is now under the control of the rebels. The blog Gorilla Protection [1] is following the situation and posting regular updates. The most recent entry [4] points to a worsening of the situation, and wonders what the fate of the mountain gorillas will be with the continuing war.

One of our guards returned late last night, and only just with his life. When he tried to go out with the rest of his small team to locate the gorillas they came under attack by armed men.

This means that it is impossible for anyone to be in Bukima, and so it also means that none of our guards are able to be in the Gorilla Sector.