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Bolivia: Gathering of Bloguivianos

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On September 1, Bolivian bloggers from across the country and some from abroad will gather in Santa Cruz for the first annual gathering of “Bloguivianos [1]. [ES]” This gathering will provide the opportunity for some that have only corresponded through blogs or email to meet in person, and participate in a variety of discussions involving bloggers especially involved in those areas.

bloguivianos [2]

Organized by Mundo [3] Al Revés [ES] [3] and CEPAD [ES] [4], as well as a committee comprised of bloggers Vania Balderrama [5] [ES] , Jessica Olivares [6] [ES] , José Andres Sanchez [7] [ES] , Renzo Colanzi [8] [ES] , Pablo Carbone [9] [ES], Sebastian Molina [ES] [10], and María Escándalo [ES]. [11]

The program for the day [12] [ES] includes panels Blogs and Literature, Blogs and Politics, Blogs and Journalism, and Blogs and Networks. The day also features short presentations by Miguel Esquirol [13] [ES] about the state of the Bolivian blogosphere as a representative of the community site Blogs Bolivia [ES] [14], and from Hugo Miranda [15] and Mario Duran [16] about the Voces Bolivianas project in El Alto [17].

Miranda is also live blogging the event and updates will appear on the Bloguivianos [18] site throughout the day.

In order to ensure that there is representation from across the country, the Voces Bolivianas [19]project supported by Rising Voices offered two travel scholarships [20] [ES] to two bloggers from El Alto, Willmar Pimentel [21] [ES] and Cristina Quisbert [22] [ES].