Kuwait: Crazy Week for Bloggers

Kuwaiti bloggers had a crazy week, which started with an earthquake, or rather a small tremor, early on Saturday morning. The next day a blogger was arrested for a comment an anonymous reader left on his online forum. The week culminated with a fire at a local hospital and the resignation of Kuwait's first female minister.

Forzaq8 talks about how some people were blaming the government for it.

“Most news outlets and couple of blogs are saying there was an earthquake yesterday. Normally, I’m sleeping but yesterday I stayed up late. I never felt anything , yet one of the news outlets is saying that people get out of their apartment building scared,” he wrote.

Then Sunday rolled over and another earthquake hit the country. This time its was our freedom that was shaking.

A Kuwaiti reporter, who also operates a blog, was arrested by the State security as covered reported earlier by GV. He was then released on Wednesday – after spending around three days held up in a cell and interrogated.

This occupied most of the blog talk this week – but there were other discussions.

Grey over Grey Fort complains about music selection on the local FM station (government operated).

“Just the fact that Super station plays same music at the same time everyday,” he notes.

Amer at Hilaliya talks about the effect of the decision to bar the participation of foreign companies in the bidding for Kuwait's third mobile operator.

The above piece of news doesn't bode well for the general consumer. Basically what it means is this: investors behind MTC and Watanaiya and other local entities have been offered a bigger chance of controlling a chunk of the new company, thereby instigating another telephony monopoly in Kuwait.

So with the earth shaking at the start of the week, followed by an attack on freedom, the week ended with a boom. A fire broke out at a hospital, leading to the resignation of the first Kuwaiti female minister.

Kuwait Doll speaks about something she saw on TV and how it made her feel.

أمس حصل حريق في مستشفى الجهراء
ومثل هذه الحرائق ممكن تحصل وفي أي مكان
انا مو هامني بالموضوع لا معصومه مبارك ولا أي نائب ولا أي مسؤول
لأن كلهم قاعدين يتحبلون لبعض وفخار يكسر بعضه
ولو تستقيل معصومه وايي اميه وراها الوضع مثل ما اهوا عليه
وحتى النواب اللي طالبوها بالاستقاله مو احسن منها
There was a fire at Jahra Hospital yesterday and such fires can break out anywhere at any time. What concerns me is not Masooma Mubarak (Health Minister) or parliamentarians or any official because they are all waiting for one another to fall and they are all pottery which will break itself. Even is Masooma resigns and she is replaced with a 100, the situation will remain as is. Even parliamentarians who are calling for her resignation aren't any better.
انا اللي مخليني من امس مو مستوعبه
تصريح مدير منطقة الجهراء بالانابة الدكتور احمد العوضي
دكتور هاا خليكم معاي يعني انسان من المفترض يكون عنده اسلوب وفاهم
بالضبط اللي سمعته الساعه خمس الا ربع العصر
على قناة الكويت الأولى
حوار بين المذيع يوسف مصطفى
وأخينا الدكتور
وبنقلكم بعض من كلامه مع اختلاف الكلام وليس المضمون
الحريق لم يكن هائل بل لم يتعدا العشر أمتار لكن الدخان كان كثيف هو من أثار الرعب لدى المرضى وموظفين المستشفى
“استخفاف بالحريق ونسى ان الحريق في مستشفى لو يكون مترين فهو يشكل خطر”
تم احتواء الحادث بسرعه كبيره وبانجاز كبير
وتم نقل المرضى بسرعه من مكان الحريق الى اماكن ثانيه
وتم تسريح بعض المرضى التي لم تدعي الحاجه الى بقائهم في المستشفى
“عيل اشحقه كانوا موجودين ؟ استجمام؟”
وتم الاتصال بذويهم لاستلامهم
“طبعا ما أشار للمرضى اللي ضربتهم الشمس قاطينهم بره”
What I couldn't comprehend from yesterday was the statement made by acting Jahra area manager Dr Ahmed Al Awadhi. He is a doctor and this means that he knows how to communicate and knows what he is talking about.
At 4:45pm on Kuwait Channel One, I heard an interview with him and anchor Yousif Mustapha and I will relay what he said if not using the exact words. He said the fire wasn't big and did not destroy more than 10 metres but it was the thick smoke which scared patients and hospital employees. That is total disregard for the situation as he forgot that a fire in a hospital is dangerous – even if it only effected two metres.
He said the fire was effectively put out quickly and the patients were transferred to other areas. He said those who didn't have to remain in the hospital were released.
So why were they in the hospital in the first place? Was it for recreational activities?
He said their families were called to pick them up. He of course failed to mention those who were left out in the sun and got sun stroke.
هل كانت هناك خسائر بشريه ؟
للاسف نعم حصلت حالتين وفاة
“ركزو معاي”
الحالتين اساسا حالات ميئوس منها
ومرضى بمرض مزمن
وسبب الوفاة انهم متصلين بأجهزة تنفس اصطناعي
وعند اضطرارنا لقطع التيار الكهربائي ونقلهم
حصلت الوفاة
يعني انته لما تقول انهم اساسا حالات ميئوس منها وبما معناه ميتين ميتين الحين انته ترقع حق منووووو”
وهل نسيت ان هالحالتين واللي اهما كبار السن لهم ابناء واهل ؟؟ تتكلم عنهم كأنهم ميتين وخلاص ؟ انته تعلم الغيب؟
عيل ليش اساسا مخلينهم عايشين بعد جان ذبحتوهم على طريقة القتل الرحيم مال امريكا
“Was there and human loss?”
“Unfortunately there were two deaths but” (now concentrate with me)
“these two cases were already hopeless so when the electricity was cut off their artificial respirators, they died.”
Great! So when you say they are hopeless and they going to die anyway who are you covering up for? And have you forgetten that these two old people have families? You talk about them as if they are were dead anyway? Can you foresee the future? If so then why you let them in the hospital and now practised euthanasia like in America?
وعندي بعد ملاحظه
لما تقول انه ماتوا بسبب انقطاع التيار الكهربائي فتوقف تزويدهم بالاكسجين
دام انتو تدرون انها فيها خطوره على حياتهم وين معداتكم اللي تقدرون تستعملونها من غير ما تحتاجون تيار كهربائي
واعتقد في جهاز تنفس صناعي ما يحتاج كهربا
والا هذا مو عندكم بعد؟؟
يعني تقريبا القتل متعمد
لأنهم بكل بساطه كبار وخالصين
قيمة الانسان بالكويت صارت ولا شي
وختمها بأحلا ختااااام
يقول الدكتور
أوجه رساله عبر التلفزيون لأهالي المرضى اللي استلموهم من المستشفى
انهم يردونهم لأنه في خلال 24 ساعه ستسترد المسشتفى كامل نشاطاتها وخدماتها الطبيه
هههههههههههه شر البليه ما يضحك
الحين لاحظوا اهوه قال الحالات اللي لا تستدعي وجودهم بالمستشفى “
“قضبناهم الباب والحين تعالوا ردوا كملوا الاستجمام
مانقول الا حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
And I have another point as well. When you say they died when the electricity was cut off and they couldn't get oxygen ans when you already knew that they would die without electricity why didn't you use artificial respiratory devices which do not operate on electricity? Or don't you have this device?
In other words we can say that their death was premeditated murder because they were elderly and already dying. The value of human life in Kuwait is now nothing. He ends the interview even better. He calls for the families who have picked up their relatives from the hospital after the fire to return them as the hospital will be up and running again in 24 hours.
hehehe …This is so funny. Didn't he just say that those patients released had no need to be in hospital. We have thrown them out and now we are inviting them to resume their vacation.

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