Afghan bloggers irritated by Iranian TV series

The Afghan embassy in Iran has complained about an Iranian television series on Channel 3, Char Khoone, that depicts Afghans characters as villains. Several Afghan and even Iranian bloggers have reacted to this news.

Dialogue 3, an Afghan blogger, says:

Since the beginning of the summer Iranian TV has aired a series named Char Khonneh every night. Sehat Sroush , the series’ director does not have any filmmaking experience. At the beginning, this series did not have a large audience, but then the director created a new characters in order to make people laugh. Some of these characters are Afghans and their names are Shanbeh (means Saturday) and Charshanbeh (means Wendesday).

The blogger says Iranian TV insults Afghan people with cultural caricatures. Dialogue 3 says examples like Afghans who call their children by the name of days of week, creates hatred between Moslem countries rather than solidarity, and refers to an initiative by the Iranian authorities that names this the year of “Solidarity between Moslems”.

Heratblog says [Fa] he/she is proud of being the first one who protested against this series. Debate on this issue has become a hot topic between Iran and Afghanistan. The blogger appreciates Iranians who have protested against this series too. The blogger says, Shanbeh, an Afghan character on the show who engages in a lot of trickery, speaks in an accent you cannot find in Afghanistan. The blogger adds that a suitable response would to Iranian TV would be to distribute the film 300, which is insulting to Iranians, and air it on all 13 channels in Afghanistan.

Afghan Journalist says [Fa] insulting Afghans in Iranian media is not new, but that it has become worse since the Iranian government began mass expulsions of Afghan refugees. The blogger says it shows how dysfunctional Iranian TV is, where real creative people can not express themselves, and less talented people make programs by insulting other ethnicities.

Datum of Freedom,an Iranian blogger, says [Fa], “I do not know why Shanbeh speaks with Afghan accent, it would be better if he spoke fluent Persian because his characteristics such as opportunism are Iranian not Afghan!”


  • I feel we should all work together and have a better way to construct opinions to understand each other instead using free speech to insult other people we all need to grow and work together

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  • Hello:

    I can explain the background to this problem.


    Persians and hollywood

    The Rise of Afghan Empire

  • Sam

    hey guys, the guy in the series Shanbeh is pretending to be Afghan, the story is he is pretending to be Afghan to get a job because they wouldnt give a job to an Iranian because Iranian workers are lazy, its a joke. He is from a village in Iran and he speaks with a Iranian rural accent, not Afghan.

  • sangluch

    Iranian are always insulting afghan and they thinks that they are more then afghan . before 1979 Iranian was very friendly and great then now . today those Iranian who living in Iran are uneducated and too poor to understand others and those who as refugee generation born and live in west are a bunch of unrespossible and jugool , the old gold generation of Iranian are have no words to say , how much they are sad to see Iranian nation are destroying , half out of Iran by gay culture of west and half in said Iran by idiot mullah .

  • DukhtareAfghan

    Hey I see two problems here. One is with Afghans and one is with Iranians.

    Afghans: Overreacting like always. It is okay to protest, but not freak out and insult other Iranians

    Iranians: Degrading people that you think are lower than you. We are all creations of God, We are all equal. Stop the arrogance.

    Both: Dont forget our beautiful history that we both share. We were/are one people, one language, one civilization. We even look the same. We (as indo-aryans) should be united against the real oppressors, and our ancient enemies (Arabs, US, Pakistan, Greeks, Mongols, etc)


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