Zambia: Donor money for cars and iPods

Most people in Zambia want cars and iPods, writes Positively Zambian, but because of donor money available they set up organizations, which claim to fight poverty.


  • Joseph Tembo

    It is noble for Zambians to set up organisations and movements that aleviate people’s sufferings and misfortunes.

    It is immoral for people who set up these organisations if they do not heartily want to help others genuinely. It is wrong to use the misfortune of other people in order to enrich themselves.

    Remember that God cares for the poor and needy, and that no one should take advantage of them. If the people in these organisations are not God-conscious, at least human morality or “Ubuntu” or personal-individual conscience tells all of us that it wrong to use the poor to enrich ourselves.

    Therefore, in view of this vice the would be donars should try to visit these organisations and see what they are already doing in tangible terms prior to making any kind of donations so that the people for whom their donations are made benefit from their kindness.


    I dont agree with you Zambians are had working people.
    How much if wealth do these white people take out of Zambia and how much is left for the Zambian people?

  • Kapale Daka

    In Zambian today, owning ophanges has become like a profit making business. I am from Zambia.
    I was talking to my fellow Zambian freind a couple months ago. She told me that she has opened an ophanage in Zambia. She was seeking help not only from Zambians oveseas, but other individuals who are in a position to help. I was so excited about what she was doing. I asked her who managed the ophanage. She told me her Uncle. I was not only excited, but enquistive at this time. Therefore, I asked who are the target ophanes. Is it AIDS ophanes, malnutritioned or just ophanes. She said that the ophanage was to give my uncle something to do so he can help her Family. At this time, I was thinking she’s either a crook, smart or plain damn! She could not tell me the purpose of the ophange. I still have not gotten past her motive.
    It is true that there are millions of people living in utmost poverty. However, the well to do , ophange managers, do not let this help trickle down to the ground where it is needed most.
    How do we resolve this issue? My thinking is that we need to have an International neutral organization that will certify, supervise these ophanages to make sure help is distriputed and transparency is maintained.

  • chiba lumponge

    in a way that has sum truth in it because many zambians look for a status by which they want to be defined..they look for “get rich quick” gimicks hence sum of them end up forming such organisations not because they have the passion to help pipo but because of the money involved but then again that happens everywhere so!!!!!

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