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Bangladesh: Aftermath of Flood

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Flood in Bangladesh [1]
(The extent of flood in Bangladesh : Satellite Photo taken on August 3, 2007 courtesy Cegisbd [2])

This year's floods have claimed [3]587 lives in Bangladesh so far. The floods have receded in most parts but fresh floods [4] in many areas have disrupted affected people from going back to their homes.

How can you portray the reality of flood? A submerged house, a boat on a highway, people wading in water? Renowned photo journalist and Blogger Shahidul Alam depicts [5] with his photos how it has affected the lives of many Bangladeshis. He observes:

…The floods are with us again. They are a part of our natural agricultural cycle. They irrigate the land, replenish the topsoil, remove the toxins. But deforestation in the mountains, illegal constructions, ill planned roads and ill caring leaders make floods take on a violent form. The waters get angry.

There are flood aid collection efforts in every walks of the society. Many salaried persons contributed their one-day salary and deposited it to the Chief of Caretaker (Interim) Government's Fund. The Bangladeshi Bloggers are also active towards this cause. There are fund raising initiatives carried out by some bloggers namely:

Bangladesh Real Estates Updates blog lists some more fund raising efforts [8]. However Bangladesh Corporate Blogs is critic [9] of use of fund raising initiatives as publicity of some commercial enterprises. For an example, slogans like “for every bag of cement sold Taka one will be deposited to the flood relief fund” have different objectives. The Blog reminds that prevention is better than cure and says:

I am sure in the coming days you might see the event management firms of Bangladesh making best use of the ‘event’ (floods) when they will arrange charity concerts, fashion shows, dinner etc……just to aid the poor and flooded of Bangladesh. I wonder why these mushrooming event management firms don't arrange awareness, health safety events in villages, other city centers when there is no flood. Where is their sense of charity when our grounds are dry?

After the Flood:

The first blow of floods was to make people homeless. There are many dangers immediately after the recess of flood water. An ordinary citizen discusses [10] the threat of a diarrhoea epidemic and looks for ways to prevent it.

The Blogger also lists the steps [11] the Government should take to face the challenge of rehabilitating the displaced people.

Ershad Ahmed of Dhaka, a Photo Blog posts pictures [12] of the receding flood in Dhaka city.