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Iran: We haven’t tortured them yet !

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Education, Governance, Human Rights, Politics, Protest

Khorshidkhanoum writes [1] that Said Mortazavi, Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor, called the families of Ehsan Mansouri, Ahmad Ghasaban, and Majid Tavakolli, the three imprisoned Amir Kabir University students, and told them angrily and authoritatively: “We warned you several times not to speak anywhere, not to interview, not to distribute the news about inside ward 209 of Evin prison, and not to meet anyone, but you didn’t listen and did your own work. Now I have transferred your children to solitary confinement again, and unless you change your approach, you won’t be able to visit them or talk to them on the phone… We haven’t tortured them yet to make you understand what torture means!”