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Ethiopia: the next big thing

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Politics

The next big thing in Ethiopia [1]: “So what is the next big thing? The next big thing is all about trusting each other, working together and building grass root movements in every locality of Ethiopia. I will repeat my creed of the past. OLF, UEDF, CUDP, SEPC and the many other parties exist in the context of each other, therefore, accepting and exploring the rich context of individual differences does not imply defeat or loss. Nor does it mean surrendering your own intellectual, aesthetic, or moral perspective. It simply means that you gain a deeper, broader understanding of where your own views fit in with society. Evidently, Ethiopia has a huge amount of complex social and economic problems; however, the remedy for Ethiopia‚Äôs problems does not warrant the existence of such a countless political parties and ethnic liberation fronts (LFs).”