Jordan Bans Chicken Shawarma

The Jordanian blogosphere is mourning a ban on the sale of chicken Shawarma – chicken or beef, tossed salad and tahini – all rolled in delicious pita bread.

Hareega, who lives in the US, writes (Ar):

يعني إذا زادت حوادث السير هل نهد الشوارع ونسحب رخص السواقة من الجميع؟
لو رسب طالب في امتحان هل من العدل أن نُرسب كل الطلاب
في مطاعم بالبلد كل عيشتها تعتمد على بيع الشاورما وحالات التسمم من المياه والغذاء والهواء سببها فشل الحكومة والحكوات التي سبقتها في تطبيق القوانين
زهقنا شغلة أنو المواطن يتحمل مسؤولية تياسات الحكومات المبجلة
الحكومة لما اتيس هي المفروض تتحمل السؤولية مش تروح تسكر كل الابواب اللي بيجي منها الريح عشان تستريح
بعدين من وجهة نظر طبية أهم سبب لانتقال العدوى هو العامل نفسه إذا مثلا ما غسل إيديه واذا بطل يبيع شاورما فما زال من الممكن ينقل العدوى عن طريق الفلافل والحمص والزيتون والسم الهاري
مهو لما اتظلكوا تحطوا مهندس وزير للصحة بعمرو ما حدا راح يفهمكوا هالحكي
Does it mean that when road accidents increase, we withdraw driving licenses from everyone? If one student failed an exam, is it fair to fail all the other students?
Some restaurants back home depend on selling Shawarma for their livelihood. Cases of poisoning from water and food are a result of the failure of the government and those which came before it in implementing the law.
We are fed up with hearing that the citizens have to shoulder the burdens of the hiccups of the governments.
When the government slips up, it should carry the responsibility and not close all the doors which bring in a breeze so that it relaxes.
Then again, from a medical point of view, the main cause of the spread of contamination is the worker himself. For instance, if he does not wash his hands, and stops selling Shawarma, he can still spread the diseases through Falafel, Hummus, Olives and other poisonous concoctions.
If you continue to put an engineer as a Minister of Health, no one will ever explain to you all this.

Fellow blogger Khalaf adds:

After the third mass shawerma poisoning within the last year, the government has decided to banish the greasy treat from the country’s restaurants. This ban will last until they figure out how to keep it safe.

I suppose this is prudent, although it punishes clean establishments for the sins of the unhygienic. Maybe they should prevent people from drinking water as well.

In another food-related item, Hareega protests the Israeli ‘hijacking’ of a number of the Levant's delicacies and dishes, declaring:

Steal the land, kill the people, terrorize the kids, occupy the villages and cut off water and electricity from everyone, but don't ever think of stealing my food!


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