10 August 2007

Stories from 10 August 2007

Bulgaria: “Something Cultural”

  10 August 2007

A wonderful story of an attempt to experience “something cultural” in the middle of “a mostly peasant summer” in Sofia – from Petya of Bighead: “Nothing can make a falafel taste better than a little bit of violin in the background.”

Belarus: Eternal Flame

  10 August 2007

Eternal Remont takes a guess at what might be Russia's reaction to the following incident: “…last night, three drunk Belarussian youths have done what the Germans could not 60 years ago, by extinguishing the Eternal Flame dedicated to World War II soldiers in Minsk's Victory Square.”

Belarus: Homeless Man's New Apartment

  10 August 2007

Adam Goodman of Being Had shares a story of a man who seems to have benefited from “a law against homelessness” that is said to exist in Belarus: “I think you can imagine how startling it is to have your friendly neighborhood bum come to you and say he now...

Estonia, Russia: Battling the “Kommisars of the Net”

  10 August 2007

Itching for Eestimaa shares the techniques of “battling Russian nationalists” on the Web: “…a tutorial on how to flip their arguments on their head, and move the discussion into territory so foreign to them, they will find themselves actually agreeing with you because they have no idea what you are...

Estonia: Eternal Remont

  10 August 2007

Itching for Eestimaa writes about remont in Estonia: “…the point of remont is not to finish it, but to keep doing it. This is Estonia, and in Estonia, remont is one of the national pastimes, along with drinking õlut and explaining Estonian history from the 13th century to unsuspecting listeners.”

Iran:Kids and Drugs

Jomhour has published a film where a kid consumes drugs and gets encouraged by an adult.The blogger says[Fa] this kid at this age is not responsible for his acts and fragile social system pushes him to become a drug addicted and gets executed in future.

Bangladesh: After the floods

  10 August 2007

Mash on the aftermath of the floods in Bangladesh – displaced persons and lack of clean drinking water, posing a serious health hazard.

Raed Jarrar's Final Say

Iraqi Raed Jarrar will finally have his say in court after filing for a discrimination law suit against a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official and JetBlue Airways for illegally discriminating against him based solely on the Arabic message on his t-shirt and his ethnicity.

Iran:Iran, Israel Contacts, Really?

Haji Kensigton writes in “Treacherous Alliance,” Trita Parsi,contends that shortly after Iran proposed a “grand bargain” to the United States four years ago, Tehran made a similar offer to Israel during an academic meeting in Athens.Parsi’s claim was called into question by some Iran experts.