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Malaysia: GVO's Jeff Ooi joins Opposition Party

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Today marks one of the most important occasion in Malaysia's blogging community as Screenshot's Jeff Ooi [1], who is dubbed as one of the most prominent blogger in Malaysia's blogosphere joined an Opposition Party – the Democratic Action Party [2] (DAP).

Speaking at the the press conference announcing his decision, Jeff reason's for joining the DAP is an eloquent expression of patriotism of a Malaysian. The statement illustrated that patriotism is an integral part of all Malaysians and not the monopoly of those who holding office or high positions. Among the few highlights [3] he mentioned:

Rocky's Bru Ahirudin Attan, who recently along with Jeff was being sued [4] for defamation by one of the mainstream newspaper the New Straits Times (NST), declared that he will walk with Jeff [5] and even their defence lawyer Haris Ibrahim is ready to walk with Jeff [6].

Opposition Leader cum blogger Lim Kit Siang said blogging particularly socio-political blogging is not an end by itself but a means to an end and a time must come when bloggers must decide whether they should "dirty their hands [7]" and make the transition from advocacy of their political ideals in cyberspace to enter the political terrain to be able to directly translate their ideals into action.

Politics 101 Malaysia hopes Rocky will join DAP in the future to help solve the image problem among the Malays [8], in which the Silo feels that DAP does not do anything to keep non-Chinese from joining [9] while YienJee urged Jeff to expand his circle of influence and do more ground work [10] to spread his ideology.

Meanwhile, Shawn Tan is elevated by the news [11] as it's his main wish to see a competent opposition and a more accountable one.

Give the Gahmen a solid competition and make them sweat. This will just result in better government for the people. The current opposition just doesn't show that it's a viable alternative to our ruling Gahmen. Kick all the version 1.0 politicians out of parliament and replace them with the version 2.0 ones.

Well said.

While it's a new beginning for Jeff, it's a good start for the new generation of Malaysians too. Just like what Jeff said before he ended the press conference: HIDUP MALAYSIA! [12] (LONG LIVE MALAYSIA!)