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Global Voices in Persian Takes off

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Middle East & North Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, Language, Announcements

globalfa.png [1]Global Voices in Persian [2] finally takes off officially. It started its first baby steps in June and a few of its translations have already been republished on a few sites including a very popular one, Gooya.com [3] and the Iranian Digg [4],Balatarin [5].

On good days we get around 350 hits and 250 visitors and some bloggers have sent very encouraging emails. Our target audiences are Iranians and Afghans.

A new Iran-based website, Fararu, has published an article [6]about us, saying: “Global Voices, considered a giant medium for blogs, has recently launched a version in Persian.”

When I heard that GV was available in Chinese [7], I thought it was great news but was skeptical about whether it would work for Iranians. Fortunately, it seems that I was wrong.

I should thank Alice Backer [8], GV Lingua [7] Team Leader, for her care and attention and David Sasaki [9], our Outreach director, who encouraged me to start Global Voices in Persian.