Somaliland: Arrest of opposition politicians condemned

The Voice of Somaliland publishes a statement from the Qaran Party:”It is regrettable that at this day and age, having all experienced the horrors of bad regimes in the past, the people of S/Land are once again reliving the abusive powers of yet another callous regime.”


  • Ali Issa in Manchester UK

    I feel sorry all somalilanders this is wake up call arrest of opposition qaran party leaders Eng Mohamed Hashi and Dr gobsame where is vocie of Nation this is a Dicatership regime without any evenices and court procudures to mi what is that system and where is rule of Law in somaliland.
    I look forward better system rul of law.
    Justices will be dane and all somalilands has a Voice and we have long way to go.
    Good luck all somalilnaders.

  • Ahmed Hassan

    The three leaders’s jail sentence is extended to another seven days. Is that acceptable, it shows that government has no case to take to the court, except utilizing un constitutional measuresby renewing weekly jail sentence again and again.

    Is the firing of Prison manager and his deputy because they allowed visitors to the detained politicians acceptable in a democratic state.

    Is it acceptable that every visitor has to get a permit from a regional court? and is it acceptable the even with Court order, you cannot be allowed to visit, as what happened to the wife of Mohamed Hashi, one of the three.

    How on earth in a democracy a court order is dismissed by prison warden. Come on dear Somalilanders, it is high time to stand for defending our liberty.

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  • Fatima

    Somaliland is facing the toughest challenges of its history. Let us not forget that democracy itself is full of challenges not to mention that Somaliland is mainly a pastoral society. These veteran politicians are mature and are simply exercising their constitutional rights to run for the political leadership of their country. I don’t think that they will in any way jeopardise the same nation that they liberated from the regime of Siad Barre.

    Somaliland as usual will come out and learn from its challenges. The current administration has two choices either to hang on to power and lose the coming elections or let freedom shine and listen to the voices of their citizens and lead the country forward and release these veteran politicians.

    Every nation learns from their past mistakes and Somaliland is definitely one such nation. The Diaspora as usual is closely monitoring the situation and giving their support to strengthen the democracy of Somaliland which is going from strength to strength.

    God Bless Somaliland.

  • ali mustafa

    Those were not oppositions as painted over here,but agroup of self gain interest&left overs of previous regime of Siyad Barre.If Qaran Group is an oppsition party as claimed,then why would they refuse the rule of law&very existence of Somaliland?Qaran Group dont even agree the state called Somaliland.They tend to forget that Somaliland is a product of WAR well fought!

  • Samuel Facal

    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry to say that Somaliland is a lawless province.
    In fact, the Mayor of Hargeisa, criminal Jiciir ordered to torture thousand innocents people and he sent them to Mandherra prison without any trial under the emergency decree(Syad Barre decree). People are in prison after a phone conversation between various officials, and these officials also use the prison after whom they have private quarrels.

    In addition, Hargeisa police are ineffective, underpaid, and corrupt. Arbitrary arrest and detention, rape, extortion, looting and harassment. Abuse by police and militia members were rarely investigated, and impunity was a problem. Hargeisa police failed to prevent or respond to societal violence.


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