Somaliland: Arrest of opposition politicians condemned

The Voice of Somaliland publishes a statement from the Qaran Party:”It is regrettable that at this day and age, having all experienced the horrors of bad regimes in the past, the people of S/Land are once again reliving the abusive powers of yet another callous regime.”


  • Rooble

    I personally support the arrest of those politicians and would advise the government to put them in jail for several years.

    How the hell someone can start a political campaign when his party is not even registered ? Isn’t that calling for a chaos ?? I think Dr. Gabose was paid by Eriteria to distablise Somaliland.

    Those politicians have been warned many times by the government and they never listened to anyone. Now let them cry inside a cell.

    There is a government and there is a constitution to be followed. Yes, Somaliland people have the right to form political parties but it should be in accordance with the law. Once they form the party it should be registered by the authorities and the electoral committee, they should have a general assembly and elect their leaders ,, that is the time they can start any political activities in the country.

    Whatever people say, i believe the arrest was a good move from the government and it is a warning to the other politicians if they don’t follow the constitution.

    Peace and Love

  • Mohamed ali

    The only mistake the three Qaran leaders made was that having been used to hold important positions in the last two governments or even before; they left behind huge task for Rayale to establish Democratisation, Justice, freedom of speech and an Independent Judiciary system that guarantees Individual rights. Probably, Rayale tried his best but could not do everything and as such they well knew these institutions were not properly functioning when they wrongly or maybe rightly tested

  • Ahmed Hassan

    It is deplorable that a country that struggles for international recognition to imprison a politicians, whose only crime is to express their desire for establishing a political party. If the people cannot express their views and if they cannot assemble to campaign for a political agenda,you cannot call that country is democratic.

    How a Minsterial summon can take a free citizen to a jail. Did this regime forget that the very existence of Somaliland is from the result of restricted liberties by military government that ruled Somalia at an iron hand.

    Democracy needs an accountable government, it needs an independent and daring media, it needs an independent judiciary. None of this exist in Somaliland. The government is headed by ex-security officer and a team of his ex-friends. The cabinet is well over 54 members for a country of two million citizens and witha mere budget of $30 Million a year. The sole salary of the President is $500,000.00 much bigger than that of President of USA.

    That tells all.

  • Rashid Jama (London UK)

    I know they have done a lot for somaliland but they are wrong to start another party what is the point the country is in bad place now. looking for recongnition and support from outside world.

    Secondly there are 3 parties already in somaliland (kulmiye, Ucud and Udub)why dont they join one of them.

    I think its true goverment warned them number of times but they keep ignoring it and if the goverment do not arrest them, what will other people do tomorrow.

    I think somaliland has enough talks between 3 parties which is wasting lot of their time and there is no need starting another party.

    Thanks you all

  • Ibrahim Mohamed

    Arrest of opposition politicians condemned
    I am very sorry Somaliland now heads wrong direction into a mockery democracy. Jailing the up coming Qaran politician leaders can not be justified by any form of law let alone the state proclamation of keeping the peace and the national security interest. Absolutely bogus and unfounded allegation against innocent fellow citizens whose their motive was to exercise the only main articles stipulated by the basic Somaliland constitution.

  • Mubarig Farah

    Arrest of opposition politicians condemned
    I am very sorry this is Not democracy,

    Somaliland Cosntitution is allowed every 5 years to renewed political Parties and also Take part new Competition beteewen Existen Parties and New political Organizations time of Local Government Elections Accordent Constitution , read those rules 23,14

  • abdi gurey

    I believe that these politicians tried to register their party and they were objected by the goverment. I understand the court in Somaliland is under Udub party. So what are they left to do if the goevernment has objected to their party? All thats been shown in the media is the government warning them to not share their political views. I believe that its a complete mistake by Government and i think the majority of people hope to free them from captivity without reason. I agree with Jamal ideed’s explaination of artical(9).

  • Rooble

    According to what they said, Qaran is a political party and they are running for the presidency next year. As long as they are not officially registered one cannot clearly say it is formally a political party.


  • Rooble

    It is sad we worship individuals and never give a damn about the country. Somalilanders must stop moving against the constitution by supporting some wrong individuals of their clan.

    The three politicians, although they are respected men but this time they are absolutely wrong. If we don’t stop such acts the recognition will never come.

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