Sri Lanka: English and Universal Language

A Janusis on the prevalence of English, the cultural and historical backdrop of the “universal language”.


  • fathima

    english language teaching as a second language

  • It is true that having a universal language will help eradicate suspicions and bring communities in conflict together. However, there are many who do not wish that there be peace RAPIDLY as they will loose commissions, jobs and power. I have worked in around 12 countries in Asia and Africa for 32 years. The people who really do not want peace are the humanitarian and development workers who arrive and take root in conflict and post conflict nations. So we need to get rid of those who do not actively promote the transition towards justice and peace. I have set up centers for better living with post conflict communities in Africa. I am attempting to set them up also in Sri Lanka and do the following as I see that some leaders want to nurture their EGOs, some are STUBBORN, and others make a fortune as a result of the war. So why do they want the war to end? So we need to correct the issues starting at the grassroots with people who are affected to make them aware of the truth through positive actions: I propose to do the following:

    – Dialogue with neglected and fragmented communities in remote, conflict or post conflict areas to gather all citizens.
    – Also invite the militants in the area to dialogue a proposal that will benefit everyone
    – Have a meeting and establish CCC (Concerned Citizens Committees) with Honest, and Neutral persons and guide them (If necessary- normally not needed) to democratically elect office bearers.
    – Establish sub-committees for the different unmet needs including one to set up a conflict resolution unit and early warning system to prevent future conflict. (Some militants in the area could be invited to be members of this sub-committee and take responsibility)
    – Have a program to carry out psychosocial and trauma counseling to recover the imbalanced (Human beings need their Emotional, Spiritual, Mental and Physical aspects in life to be in balance in order to function efficiently and in an un-biased manner)
    – Establish a center for better living (ACBL) where the following services will be provided
    – Identification of Natural Talents (Thought Patterns, Will/Drive and Skills)
    – Refining thoughts/will to be sociable and non-violent and polishing skills to be marketable by sensitizing them to realize that “Everyone needs everyone else to enable their enterprises and businesses to thrive” (As everyone in the community has a role to play in enhancing income-everyone is either a client or a supplier/transporter of raw materials or goods) (When we start valuing each other’s contributions to assuring livelihood security, HRV is eradicated)
    – Orienting those that are unemployed and militants and child soldiers to professions aligned to their talents and polishing them through entrepreneurs and elders.
    – Sensitize and advice on the importance of maintaining democratic governance, transparent accounting and record keeping at a high level, to prevent conflict of interest an corruption.
    – Provide BDS services if necessary.
    – Advice on starting village level savings and investment and SEAD (Small Economic Activities Development groups)
    – While the groups are saving and investing, provide guidelines to prepare proposals for accessing grants matched to their savings to increase their working capital. (Either from a bank a MFI or donors) – Lessons learned demonstrates that matching grants can be given in 12 weeks and the communities are able to manage themselves in 24 weeks.

    All communities in any country can become vibrant and resolve all conflicts. They can sell their goods and services to others and make sufficient money, and reorganize their lives. Those of us (especially those in Humanitarian and development) who delay the process and keep the displaced, destitute and poor “lingering” as our “Paperwork” is not ready, or some other reason can be branded as Criminals. The day we realize this, we will see the progress being made to create a just, truthful and peaceful world.

    If it is needed that the above is totally successful, the organization or project that is to implement it should have a clearly defined “exist strategy”, and only HONEST, NEUTRAL and TRULY CONCERNED and DEDICATED staff who are ready to work themselves out of their jobs as communities were strengthened should be hired to implement it. If not, we will return to the same “Criminal Cycle” of nurturing communities in order that we have institutional and job security by branding them displaced, poor and “Vulnerable” and continue the “They need us” strategy. We also challenge donors to stop funding organizations that do not have clearly thought out “EXIT STATEGIES” and work plans that ensure that the communities that they work with are 100% independent and institutionally and financially sustainable within nine to twelve months.

    We already know that our appeal will be heard only by 1% of those who read it, as that is the level of honesty we have in the world today. However, what has to be said has to be said, in order that truth and justice reigns in the world.

    If you have problems setting up a program or a center to RRN communities and populations, please contact us at the following address for guidance:

    The TIDY Center
    (Talents Identification and Development for everYone)
    54 Anura Mawatha, Off Anderson road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka
    Tel; 00-94- 2763539 and 00-94-722826620 email:

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