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Hidden Message To The Burmese Junta Published In MyanmarTimes Newspaper

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A few of Myanmar bloggers are talking about an advertisement with a hidden message that was published on Myanmar Times [1], 23 July 2007, Monday issue.
hidden message in Myanmar Times

Blogger N3 states [2] that the message was published as a travel agency's ad and was written in a reverse order. The first part of the hidden message reads “Freedom” and another part reads as “Killer Than Shwe”.

May11 [3] searches through the advertising source for their reason behind the message and found out that:

The ad which looks as if it is promoting tourism in Burma for Scandinavian had a hidden messages to the burmese junta. The first letter in each of the words in the poem spells the word “freedom” and the name of the Board of Islandic Travels Agencies is “Killer Than Shwe” spelled backwards.

General Than Shwe [4] is the leader of the ruling junta in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Nyein Chan Yar [5] thanks the group for placing such advertisement on the paper.

The ad was placed by Danish group Surrend. Surrend had previously played the same trick in Iran [6].