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China: Blogging summer floods

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67,000 more [1] people evacuated in Anhui [2], another 37 dead [3] in and near Chongqing [4], and that's just this past week.

Contrary to a previous claim here [5], bloggers have been as busy [6] as Nüwa [7] in their citizen reporting [8] of the deadly floods [9] that have devastated [10] many areas in China [11] during this summer's rainy season [12].

Three such reports can be found today on the Moobol [13] live broadcast website, first one dated July 7 from [14] the Guang'an city [15] length of the Qujiang [16] River in Sichuan [17] province, where floods continue to keep the local villages submerged:

7月3日至6日,广安市各地连续遭受暴雨袭击,广安、岳池、武胜降雨量均超过200毫米,其中广安区达347.2毫米,同时受渠江上游巴河、州河、仪陇河流域普降暴雨的影响,从7月6日开始,渠江广安段暴发特大洪涝灾害,7日凌晨出现洪峰,广安城区水位达235.79米,上涨23.42米,超警戒水位 7.6米。汹涌的洪水淹没了沿岸不少城镇、乡村,其中广安区主城区全部被洪水包围,截止当日下午6时,洪水仅下降0.5米。由于防洪措施到位,被洪水围困的辖区无人员伤亡。

From July 3 to 6, areas all across Guang'an city were continuously battered with sudden violent rain: Guang'an, Yuechi and Wusheng have all seen rains of over 200 mm, with Guang'an receiving more 347.2 mm worth, at the same time as it received runoff from rainstorms upstream in the Bahe [18], Zhouhe [19] and Yilong [20] river basins. Starting on July 6, an even larger flood disaster struck the Qujiang Guang'an region and on the morning of July 7 the flood reached its peak, with the water in the Guang'an city area reaching 235.79 meters, a rise of 23.42 meters, 7.6 meters higher than the warning level. The violent flood submerged large parts of the riverside city, townships and villages, leaving Guang'an city in the middle being completely surrounded by the flood, relieved at six pm that evening when the flood went down a mere half-meter. As the flood barricades held up, nobody in areas besieged by the flood was hurt or killed.

Three of the several photos taken by Moobol user 123:

sichuan1.JPG [14]

sichuan2.jpg [14]

sichuan3.jpg [14]

Two other reports from this week can be found, one in Chongqing from Moobol user Zhong Guilin [21], where it is written that from the night of the 19th to the morning of the 20th this month, waters on the Jialing River rose by nearly three meters to a total of 188.31 meters, and this just one of the photos taken by Zhong Guilin down at the Chaotianmen wharf, where approximately a thousand people had gathered to watch the flood pass through.

chongqing.jpg [21]

Also from the 20th of this month are several photos taken by Liu Junfeng of [22] of the 42,369 cubic meters seen during second flushing out of sand this summer at the Gezhouba Dam [23], the first of the Three Gorges [24], where the Yangtze River [25] passes through Hubei [26] province:

floodgates.JPG [22]

floodgates2.JPG [22]