Philippines: Getting over your ex-boyfriend

SexyRexy has some tips that will help get over your ex.


  • daphni

    okay, so me and my boyfriend broke up like a week and 5 days ago. at first i was really hurt at the fact that we broke up and i never showed anyone that i was hurt, i actually only cried once for those couple of days… but then i found out from my sister that he had cheated on me while we dated. i was devastated, but ofcoarse i didnt tel anyone how i really felt, i dindt want to be one of those girls who cry and cry over and over about thier ex’s. i kept the angre, depression.. all those emotions to myself untill i finally broke down one day and bawled so hard i could barely breath. my friends who we were with and his friends had told me how much i had him fall inlove with me, even his sister and parents said this. i decided to finally stop dwellin on my feelings for him and move on..but i seriousy need help. nothing is working. i go out almost every hour now to stop thinking about him ;i’ve even hooked up with guys to get over him. but what hurt the most is that i was his second girlfriend and i had no idea he could do this to me, i almost always know if a guy is sincere or not based on how many guy i’ve dated. he was actaly the only guy i was willing to take seriously… but im so hurt i dont even know what to do anymore. i cant act like nothings going on with me when clearly im not okay… i just want this feeling to stop as soon as possible! please help me i cant handle it anymore!

  • brooke

    My ex and I broke up about seven months ago. He ended things supposidly bc we were fighting to much. Hw was the only one I let so much into my life that I felt I couldnt live without him. His parents even told me that I was the only girl they had seen him grow so fond of. Later on I found out he had cheated on me with his ex gf. After that I hid my feelings. I cryed while I was alone and everyone complimented me on how well I was taking the breakup. The truth is I still think about him from time to time. To this day he still contacts me wanting me back. It kills me inside everytime he does this. Its hard but things do get better. I now have a great bf but its still not the same…

  • BlueNicole

    I dated the same guy for 10 yrs. He was my first love and I seriously thought that I would die without him. We dated from ages 14-24. He was everything but it didn’t work out. I now know that no relationship will ever be like my first love. But I have found that the only thing that makes it easier is time, lots of time! We have been broke up now for 2 yrs now and I have found new love. Trouble is that he just broke up with me about a week ago. He said I was never happy. Maybe becuz I was still holding on to the past. You have to learn to let go if you are ever going to be happy. The point I am trying to make it that I thought I would never get over my first love and now my heart aches for someone else and I never thought that would happen.

  • Amanda

    My first love I was with for four years. I recently broke up with him about a month ago because I felt like I needed to explore whats out there. I met someone else that I thought was great, but he wasn’t ready for anything. He took my mind off being single, and being away from my first love. The fling lasted two weeks. I was so heart broken when he dumped me. I just found out that one of my so called friends is sleeping with my ex (first love). I’ve never felt so lonely in my life. She keeps on calling me, and all of my other friends keep reminding me of him and her. All of my friend I shared with my ex. I need to find new friends. I can’t have this constant reminder of my mistake. I feel like that world is closing in on me. I feel so alone. All I want to do is move on. The girl thats seeing my ex is rubbing it all in my face. She wont leave me alone about him and her. I feel like I’m going crazy. What do I do?

  • Jason

    After reading all of your comments, it goes to show you it can happen to anyone. Im a guy, and have been through the same thing. I loved this girl, i loved her so much, she meant everything to me. I did everything for her, the difference between our stories, i was never officially with her. But its still the same, she used to say i will always be there for u, ill always be forever ur friend. And i loved her, and went out of my way for her, the first love. And now after all that we had been thru without warning she stopped talkn left everything and i only to find out that she was with one of my friends. And my heart broke and shattered and i was never able to pick up the pieces and put them back to together, left in the cold dark, and been depressed since, guys cry also…We have feelings also…

  • Tahlia

    I was in a relationship for three years with this guy, Before this relationship I had a lot of problems with males in my life and thought I could never have a decent relationship because of the trust and insecurity issues males brought about. After I meet this guy everything changed, I learnt to trust and love like I thought I couldn’t. Though into our second year of our relationship he started lying about things all the time and makine impulsive decisions. I let it go because so many times he told me he loved me and that it would change, it never did. Things got worse and he brought me about things like my appearance but nothing killed me as much as when I found out about the two other girls whilst we were together he had been with when he promised we it did not happen, the secrets he had been keeping from the first year of our relationship (also cheated) and promises he had made that were broken. Then this guy had the nerve to turn everything around on me by saying things like ‘If you didn’t do this it wouldn’t have happened”
    Today I ended it, although we have broken up several times before, he always tells me what I want to hear and I am stupid enough to believe him. I just hope this time I am strong enough to walk away and help myself.


    well i went out with this one boy,i thought he was th e right one i was really happy i think he was my 5th boyfriend i was his third well wen he broke up with me i was really sad my grades starding going down.but the bad thing about it is because when i went out with him my friends stared to say i was acting mean and was acting like a little wanna bee>i felt bad so i didnt say anything.well now he found out i still like him he is telling everybody i like him.he likes me to but he deniyes it he even told my brother he still likes when my friends asked him if he wanted to be my main chambelan in mu quincerea he stared blushing it felt cool.he is always trying to get my attention.i aked my friends to tell him to ask me out and he is too shy!!if he would liked me he would of been going out with me!!!help me what should i do i am to shy to talk to him to??/?

  • matthew

    i dated my girlfriend for 4 years and she would come home two weeks before we broke up and just blow me off, totally ignore me. she would always leave the apt. and say “im hanging out with friends”. so, naturally, one night i went to go see if she was indeed being picked up by friends only to find out that she was hanging out with another guy.

    i confronted her that night and she didn’t seem to really care that she was cheating on me, and in a fit of anger i kicked her out of the apartment. the next day, she told me that she was in love with this guy (which she had only known two weeks prior) and wanted to find independence in herself. we were getting married, planning our future, and even naming our future kids, only a month or so prior.

    its a devastating feeling to have loss someone extremely close, but then again, i think it was for the best. she is with someone who makes her happy and I’m happy knowing that.

  • Brooke

    Hi, my ex boyfriend and i had been seeing each other on and off through the whole of the first year of college, we never really commited but we spent most of our time together. I wanted commitment but he always said i was nothing more then a friend to him but then he would change his mind all the time telling me he wanted me n then he didnt, several times i let go n accepted it was over and i moved on and dated other guys, however within days of ending things he would come back. So after an amount of time i told him he either wanted to be with me or he didnt, so he decided he did and asked me to be his girlfriend. i said yes because i loved him and we were what seemed happy over a period of two months, a few weeks ago he broke up with me on the basis that he still just wanted to be friends,within the next few days he did things that were so horrible it made me worse then i already felt, so i stopped eating! He has made me feel like i dont deserve to be happy because i was never good enough for him, right now im trying every possible way to get over him but nothing is working. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE ANYONE GIVE SOME ADVICE!!

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