Sudan: Movie Reviews, Being Single, Sudanese Rape Laws & Life Saving Stoves for Darfur

There is quite a lot to cover in this week's round up of the Sudanese blogosphere so let's get it started. We'll first start with some Sudanese bloggers’ thoughts on recently released movies.

Ayman, a Sudanese blogger residing in Dubai enjoyed the movie, Transformers, immensely:

Wow wow wow wow…

What a movie!

Transformers is totally the movie of this summer. It’s two and a half hours of extreme visual graphics, amazing muscle cars (I loved the new Chevy Camaro), and marvelous action scenes.

Totally recommended!

On the other hand,Amjad, who lives in Oman can't even be bothered about the latest Harry Potter movie:

I'm not a fan of Harry Potter and never was. And I'm not looking forward to watching this movie.

Meanwhile, Daana feels like she's being singled out and treated unfairly simply because she is a single girl:

I just realized that there is a new kind of discrimination that has been practiced against me. In fact it is done in such an obscure manner that I did not recognize it until recently. I am talking about discrimination against SINGLE PEOPLE.
Recently I discovered that if you are single, people around you will try and take advantage of that fact for the best of their ability to get whatever they want out of you.

Kizzie, who was previously very frustrated with her Visa application to travel to America, is now enjoying her trip there.

Zoulcolm X is also happy but for a totally different reason:

Finally, someone from South America viewed my blog (cheak my map below). lol, I know it's nothing, but to me it means a lot… and of course, I can't forget that it's the continent that gave birth to Ernesto Guevara. and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isbel Allende

Rara Avis, a Sudanese blogger living in New York, informs us about the coming Sudanese concert to be held in the city in Central Park on July the 21st. It will have a number of very prominent Sudanese singers:

If you're in New York, or the surrounding areas and are Sudanese, interested in the Sudan, or simply wanting to hear a different sort of music, here is an event, actually a concert by prominent Sudanese singers

She also wrote a post about Sudanese laws and rape victims:

a recent report by Refugees International, a well known NGO based in Washington DC, has exposed the loopholes existent within the Sudanese laws that expose rape victims to more abuse and trauma.

The report is titled Laws Without Justice: An Assessment of Sudanese Laws Affecting Survivors of Rape; which can be downloaded and read in full at their website.

… An introductory to the report could also be read in this article at Refugees International newsletter.

Aperadosini is back from her blogging break with a new philosophical entry in which she contemplates the meaning of life:

Maybe that's the only truth in life; everything leads to nothing. Unless of course, you believe you're gonna die and go to some eternal heaven or eternal hell.. but even then.. then what?? you just live forever and ever, and whether it's an eternity of punishment or relaxation, you'll end up living the ultimate form of vacuousness (is that a word?). I love life, despite not understanding the point of it, and part of that love is probably due to the knowledge that I have a limited amount of time to live it… but living it forever is too long, why are people so attracted to forever anyway??

Black Kush is also back from his blogging break with a great post about life saving stoves for Darfur:

How can stoves that use fire wood safe lives in Darfur? Strange, but it is something that is happening. A group of scientists have built a special stove that uses less firewood for effective cooking. Result: it reduces the number of trips to gather firewood, thus less chances of attacks and rapes.

Finally, he writes about the reshuffling of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS):

The reshuffle is long overdue, as far as I can see. GOSS turn out to be corrupt and the only thing they were good at was squandering government money.

… And the electricity in Juba? And the finance Minister scandal? How about the Ministry of Health? The woes are too many. I leave them for next time.

The reshuffle? better late than never, at least.

That's all for this week!


  • For some reason, I can’t check Ayman’s blog =s. It’s blocked by my Internet Service Provider (OmanTel).

    I’m not sure why is it blocked and dunno what does his blog exactly contain, but I noticed that it’s blocked since two weeks now. I guess I got to contact my ISP and see if this site is blocked by mistake. It might be blocked by mistake.

    I gave the link of Ayman’s blog to some of my friends here in Oman to check if I’m the only one who is facing this problem, but all of them had the same result.

  • lol
    that’s funny, ho come i don’t know there’s reviews on sudanese blogs, and by ho. drima?

  • Salam! Ya man, it’s not really a review but more like a quick summary on what was happening within the Sudanese blogosphere for the past 2 weeks. GV gets a lot of traffic. It’s a good chance for you to get noticed. That’s why I’d encourage Sudanese bloggers to discuss serious issues about Sudan. Whatever your opinion is, it doesn’t matter really, because I’ll still round it up. This way we give those interested in our country an alternative voice besides the generally biased media.

  • Blocked in Oman?

    That’s interesting!

    Thanks for the tip.

  • good work brother…
    we all (( sudanese bloggers)) try to show other nationalities that we have the ability to think, write & describe our ideas or translate dreams into words if not into true lives…
    we don’t want to be the IGNORED people,,,
    we r natural people who have their own lives.. we work , study, love, hang out with friend,,, etc & we r not less than others,,,
    Go ahead brother keep the good work up..

    btw, Sorry 4 the previous comment,,, I was somewhat jealous :-$

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