15 July 2007

Stories from 15 July 2007

Kuwait: Despite the Summer, it's Never Quiet in Here!

Despite the heat, Kuwaitis are braving the weather and making the most of outdoor activities. While some are enjoying boating and Flugtag games, one Kuwaiti blogger got more than she bargained for when she ventured out to sea without her sun block. Read Abdullatif Al Omar's report of this week's Kuwait round up to learn more.

A glimpse into the heart of Iranian society

Christian Alexander is an American blogger who has written his BA thesis on Iranian blogs. Here, he shares with us his his opinion on Iranian blogs. He is also a contributor to Sounds Iranian blog where people who do research on Iranian blogs and exchange their ideas. Q: Can you...

Morocco: Hot Hot Hot

With temperatures rising over 40 degrees Celsius in Morocco, all bloggers can talk about is the heat! Okay, and a few other things. Find out exactly what in this week's post from Jillian York.

Japan: The psychology of right-wing nationalist intellectuals

  15 July 2007

Blogger Niphonese writes about the phenomenon of Japanese going to study in Europe, then returning to Japan and joining right-wing nationalist groups [Ja]: “After experiencing discrimination in Europe, these Japanese people think to themselves: ‘Westerners talk about these things like human rights and so on, pretending like they don't know....