13 July 2007

Stories from 13 July 2007

Serbia's One and Only Science Blog: Help Save It!

Blogs would have been a great medium for interaction, publishing, communication and collaboration in science, a good place for showcasing Serbian scientific achievement, which has been in the shade lately, after years of sanctions, war and political disturbances. There is only one institutional science blog in Serbia, however - and it looks like it may soon disappear altogether. Please get involved and help save it!

Liberia: crappy Time Magazine coverage

  13 July 2007

Liberia Ledger finds Time Magazine coverage of Liberia crappy: “This story is annoying. It's supposed to be a scary warning about the West African country of Guinea-Bissau as the newest narco-state. Interesting premise, but even as it mentions Liberia only once in a list of countries, somehow more than half...

Nigeria: New Yam Festival

  13 July 2007

Ugo Daniels informs us about the New Yam Festival: “It’s getting nearer to that time of the year when every Igbo person gathers to celebrate the Iwa ji afo (New Yam Festival). For those who may want to know, Yam is the main agricultural crop of the Igbos and also...

Ethiopia: lies of the millenium

  13 July 2007

Read Enset's post about the Ethiopian government titled, Lies of the Millenium: “In the last two years, Ethiopia has produced a plethora of pathological liars; in fact, it produced more public liars than honest judges. Historically, Ethiopia is a country where the supply of the truth has always been in...

Kenya: Kenya offline

  13 July 2007

Rebecca Wanjiku writes about websites of companies in Kenya: “Having a website may be the latest fad for many Kenyan companies, but how many of these websites have relevant information? How many have content that browsers are looking for?”

Iran:More Student Activists were Arrested

City Boy reports that the July 9, 1999 Tehran student rebellion was the single most important movement against the Islamic Republic government.The 8th anniversary of this event in Iran started by attack on the Advar-e Tahkim Vahdat (High Council of the Office for the Strengthening Unity) who had gathered outside...

Nigeria: listen to Dudu Radio

  13 July 2007

Listen to Dudu Radio: “”…Dudu Radio broadcasts a selection of pre-recorded programs which provides listeners all over the globe with the opportunity to listen to a variety of music genres, including traditional and modern Nigerian and Africa music.”

Malaysia: Blogger Detained by Police

  13 July 2007

Malaysian bloggers are reporting that fellow blogger Nathaniel Tan was detained by the police earlier today. Malaysian bloggers including Nathanial's younger sister are monitoring the situation and trying to gather support for the blogger's release.

Africa: women's rights in Africa

  13 July 2007

Black Looks explores the old and new state of women's rights in Africa: “In Kenya the abortion debate went public when a mock tribunal was supposed to be held with 4 women telling their personal stories. Although anti-abortion activists managed to stop the debate the Vice President has come out...

Nigeria: a book on impact of mobile technology

  13 July 2007

Kenny writes about the book, Mobile Telephony: Leveraging Strengths and Opportunities for Socio-Economic Transformation in Nigeria, “Dominated by the voices of women's groups, market traders, businessmen and women, students and members of the public, the book gives a unique insight into the impact of mobiles at the grassroots level of...