12 July 2007

Stories from 12 July 2007

Armenia: Presidential candidate

On the 2008 Presidential Election Monitor, Onnik Krikorian says that US-born Raffi Hovannisian might have good chances in next year's polls as he is one of the most popular and cleanest politicians in the country. The problem is, however, that Hovannisian only received his Armenian citizenship in 2001 and might...

Armenia: Defective church?

Lori is appalled hearing the Pope say that non-Catholic Christian communities are not true churches. Actually, she says, Christianity was introduced in Armenia before it became accepted in the Roman Empire.

China: NGO website shut down

  12 July 2007

Jeremy Goldkorn from DANWEI gave more background about the shut down of NGO website, China Development Brief: Young commented that he had initially wanted to stay hush hush and try to sort the problem out. But someone posted information about the police raid to the ChinaPol listserv yesterday, which is...

China: Information flow

  12 July 2007

Postive Solutions rightly pointed out that: There is a huge thirst for information about China from within and from overseas, but no-one has the resources/inclination to sate it themselves and instead everyone is quite happy to use second, third and fourth-hand information.

China and Taiwan: Presidential House Debate

  12 July 2007

William long blogs a recent debate between China and Taiwan netizen on the marking of presidential house in google map (zh). Some mainland netizens marked the building “Fake Presidential House” and resulted in a debate among netizen across the border.

Peru: First Interaction with OLPC

  12 July 2007

Invazor C!!! [ES] writes about his first hands-on experience with the XO of the One Laptop per Child project and states that the children were able to easily and happily interact with the new machines.

Japan: Internet regulation up for debate, but nobody is debating

  12 July 2007

While nobody was watching, an interim report drafted by a study group under the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has set down guidelines for regulation of the Internet in Japan which, according to one blogger, would extend as far as personal blogs and homepages. In the report, this...