11 July 2007

Stories from 11 July 2007

Barbados: Victims’ Rights

  11 July 2007

On hearing news that the sentences for certain criminals that have been deemed “unconstitutional”, What crazy looks like wonders who is campaigning for victims’ rights?

Barbados: Slave Trade Reparations

  11 July 2007

“The continuing talk and research…are really only the pate and champagne before the main course – which is…how much money can we squeeze from the European Union and Britain during this round of talks?” Barbados Free Press wonders whether slavery reparation funds are being properly utilized by the Barbadian government.

Kenya: Debating the double-edged nature of citizen media

  11 July 2007

Last month, there was an explosion at a downtown bus stop in Nairobi, Kenya. By the time the Kenyan mainstream media reported the incident, Kenyan bloggers had already written about it, posted photos and some of them speculated that the explosion could have been linked to Al-Queida or the outlawed Mungiki sect. Two of the main Kenyan bloggers, Thinkers Rooms and Mental Acrobatics, looked at the performance of Kenyan blogs during this incident from two different and interesting angles. The main question was: what is the role of citizen media in reporting a tragic incident when official statements from the government have not been released and all the facts are not yet known?

Africa: is the United States of Africa already here?

  11 July 2007

Is the United States of Africa already here? Business in Focus asks: “If the idea of creating a United States of Africa is to create wealth, then we may argue that it is already here. What Africa needs is to strengthen existing structures, invest more in ICT and establish structures...

Zimbabwe: police block movement of basic goods

  11 July 2007

The political and economic situation in Zimbabwe is getting even worse: “In a bizarre turn of events, Zimbabwe police have set up roadblocks on major roads to block city residents from moving basic commodities to rural areas and to prevent farmers from moving maize to urban areas.”

Armenia: Playing nardi

Nardi- (or backgammon-) playing seniors are an omnipresent sight in Yerevan when it's warm outside. On his 39th birthday, Onnik Krikorian wonders whether he should soon join them.

Kenya: Kenyan investment market

  11 July 2007

Bankelele gives us latest information about the Kenyan investment market: “The Kenya Re IPO opens in a week (July 18) and, it's a good time to assess the potential gains for a retail investor who subscribes. While the prospectus is not yet out, all signs are that this will be...

Armenia: Film festival

On Life in Armenia, Raffi K. reports on the opening of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival, which takes place for the fourth time in the capital Yerevan this year.

Caucasus: The state of democracy

Social Science in the Caucasus has a closer look at the The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2007 Index of Democracy, in which Georgia and Armenia are classified as hybrid and Azerbaijan as an authoritarian regime.