9 July 2007

Stories from 9 July 2007

Qatar : It's Educational

The academic year has come to an end in Qatar so it's a good time to look at what bloggers have been saying about education in the country. Qatar is trying to build a "knowledge economy" in order to diversify its economy away from oil and gas. It has placed a strong focus on education and learning through Qatar Foundation. Mohamed Nanabhay reports what bloggers in Qatar have to say about education there.

Venezuela: Roger Santodomingo's Resignation from Noticiero Digital

  9 July 2007

Venezuelan journalist Roger Santodomingo felt the need to resign from his post as an editor with Noticiero Digital due to threats on his family. The site's forum was a place of personal attacks from often extreme points of view. Santodomingo's resignation caused quite a stir among Venezuelan bloggers, who see these threats as further restrictions on freedom of expression, while others question the purpose of anonymous fora, which may not contribute to constructive discussion.

Iran:A man was Stoned

According to Meydaan,Jafar Kiani was stoned on Thursday July 5th.His partner, Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, could have a similar fate if we do not act now! Jafar Kiani and his partner, Mokarrameh Ebrahimi, have been in prison for more than 11 years for an adulterous relationship and having two children.

Poland: Live Earth Not Relevant?

The beatroot writes about the Polish view of the Live Earth events: “In a country that has been starved of economic development like Poland and the rest of the old ‘Eastern bloc’, has, being lectured by rich westerners – like Al Gore – about how we must cut our energy...

Poland: Photo Report From Nurses’ Strike

The beatroot posts a photo report from the ‘White City’ in Warsaw, where “close to three weeks on strike and camped opposite the main government offices, the nurses refuse to give up. The strike, for more pay (well, you couldn’t get much less than they get) has been supported by...