7 July 2007

Stories from 7 July 2007

Palestine: Palestinians Celebrate Alan Johnston's Release

From the sad news of a death of a 31-year-old mother waiting to cross into Palestine from the Rafah Crossing to celebrations over the release of kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston, Palestinian blogs this week are abuzz with activity. Ayesha Saldanha reports how one Canadian-Palestinian blogger is ashamed to be an Arab and how another expresses her disbelief at how veiled women are being discriminated against in Jordan.

Kuwait: Summer Is Officially Here

Summer has officially started in Kuwait and bloggers are debating where the best places to escape the summer heat are. Is it better to find a safe haven to cool down at home or travel abroad and risk rain and gloom? Read Abdullatif Al Omar's round up of Kuwaiti blogs to find out.

Tanzania: the implications of sending refugees home

  7 July 2007

The Head Heeb looks at the social and economic implications of Tanzania's decision to expell refugees: “It's hard not to sympathize with Tanzania, which has done far more than its share as a refugee host country. Repatriating half a million refugees prematurely, however, will expose them to an uncertain future,...

Cameroon: the rise of Cameroonian film industry

  7 July 2007

In an African Minute introduces his readers to the film industry in Cameroon: “The most ambitious project Zigoto has undertaken is to create a Cameroonian film industry out of thin air. Cameroon's neighbor, Nigeria, is famous for producing more films that any other country besides India, but no other Sub-Saharan...

Angola: introduction to Angolan music

  7 July 2007

Szavanna interviews Angolan blogger, Koluki, about Angolan music: “I am having fun with these interviews – it’s actually amazing how many exceptional people are out there blogging – Koluki is one of them. Her beautiful blog is a great selection of music & art and a lot more – I...

Peru: National Team Survives and Moves on to Quarterfinals

  7 July 2007

After a great start to the Copa America football tournament, the Peruvian National Team barely squeaked by after tying neighboring Bolivia. As a result, many Peruvian bloggers took the National Team coach to task by criticizing his tactics and choice of line-up. Next up is regional power and tournament favorite, Argentina. Some are hopeful, but many are just thankful that Peru was able to move on to the quarterfinals.

South Africa: center to study China/Africa relationship

  7 July 2007

Jen Brea has just learnt about the Center for Chinese Studies in South Africa: “I've just learned about the Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University in South Africa which bills itself as “the first institution devoted to the study of China on the African continent.” They offer a weekly...

Blogging for social change: Interview with Jeff Msangi

  7 July 2007

Jeff Msangi is a columnist for a Tanzanian daily,Tanzania Daima. He has been a blogger since 2005. He blogs in Swahili at Harakati and in English at Proud African. His Swahili blog is mainly about development, politics and social activism. Jeff, a pragmatic optimist, strongly believes that blogging and other Internet tools can influence social change in the developing world. Jeff was interviewed recently by J. Nambiza Tungaraza.

Iran:Cyclists for peace

Thanks to Homeyra,we learn that 14 Iranian cyclists traveled city by city across Italy,Germany,France,Uk and USA to communicate the pacifist message of Iranian people to other nations around the world.You can watch photos here.They arrived to New York a couple of weeks ago.

Bahrain: Wearing Hijab Part-Time

There is one subject that unites everyone living in Bahrain: traffic congestion. In the last few years, the roads on the island have become clogged by the weight of traffic, and roadbuilding to relieve that congestion in the long term is making it far worse in the short term. Every single person has a story of frustration to tell, writes Ayesha Saldanha. Wearing a part-time Hijab, professionals ending up in the wrong jobs and the perks people get in summer are other topics discussed.