6 July 2007

Stories from 6 July 2007

Iran: Media under Pressure

Iranian authorities stepped up the pressure on Iranian media last week. Ham Mihan (Compatriot), a pro reformist journal was banned on 3 July. Iranian Labour News Agency, Ilna, that covered news about strikes and unrest in universities has also been suspended temporarily and its director resigned. Many bloggers are talking...

Korea: Offensive foreigners

  6 July 2007

A bunch of foreigners who decided to make a drunken scene in a Seoul subway, included singing a song that degraded Korean (and Japanese) women. And then posting a video of their adventure on Youtube (all removed). Robert Koehler from Marmot's Hole was very angry and speechless towards the scene....

Hong Kong: Refugee

  6 July 2007

Ivy Chang reported on a photo exhibition about the life of refugee in Hong Kong (zh) at inmediahk.net. Since May 2006, the UN refugee agency had stopped giving financial support to refugee in Hong Kong.

China: Forms of Protest

  6 July 2007

Alan Baumler from China History blog introduced Ching Kwan Lee’s book Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt, which discusses about labour protest forms.

Russia: Cheerleaders

The Accidental Russophile attempts to sound “intellectual” as he posts pictures of the Russian cheerleaders. Siberian Light points out in a comment that some of these cheerleaders “haven't quite figured out where to put the kneepads yet…”

Poland: Illogical Censorship

Boo is perplexed by what gets censored in Poland and what doesn't: “That Paul Coelho book with a cover that shows a baby's finger pointing at a nipple […] has a big black box over the nipple on all the posters around Warsaw. But, the magazine that has the terrible...

Poland: The Kaczynskis’ Follies

The Economist's Edward Lucas writes that the Polish leaders’ “logic is based on misunderstandings” and that “they risk making Poland as Greece used to be: unpopular, expensive and, most dangerously, marginal.”

Reuters Africa wins Diageo Africa Business Reporting award

  6 July 2007

The team here at Global Voices were overjoyed this morning to receive the news that the groundbreaking Reuters Africa web site won the best site award at the Diageo Africa Business Reporting awards (read the Reuters report here). The award was announced at a ceremony in London yesterday evening. This...

India: N Ram and China

  6 July 2007

The Acorn rips to pieces an opinion piece in an established newspaper – which appears to favour Chinese policies and doubt the Dalai lama.

India: Stripping on the street

  6 July 2007

To Each Its Own on a woman who had to strip down to her undergarments to ensure cops took notice of her grievances related to dowry demands from her husband and in laws.

Guyana: Healthy Eating

  6 July 2007

A book by Michael Pollan gets GuyaneseMark thinking about how lucky he is to be in Guyana, “where my only choice when buying produce and meat is to look at local, all-natural producers. It denies the capitalist consumer in me to search for the better price for food at the...