Pakistan: Lal Masjid and Truths

Behind the Chairman's Door has a sharp response to those who state the Government in Pakistan shouldn't have dealt with the Lal Masjid issue the way it had.


  • nosheen

    i dnt kno whoz rit n wrong bt God knows bettr wts hapening thr.but one thing we shuld all knows beeter that musharraf’s drama will end soon inshallah.

  • Salam to all of you !
    Ina Lilahi Wa Ina Elehi Rajeoon .. mercy of all who get martyred in this whole thing , now here i would like to put some points for the knowledge of my friends who wana read , if u mind regret my appology
    Red Mosque was made 30 years ago , by Molana Abdullah Gazi then he made Jami Faridia too , he was friend of General Yahya and then Zyaul Haq too , then he was Martyred in 1980s , then came these 2 brothers , now this whole thing started when 10 Mosques were demolished by the authorities in islamabad and this thing began , it took 6 months to end now here are my questions
    1) where were our intelegence agencies whese so called wanted men were coming and collecting amunitaions ?
    2) why they on the day allowed men to use weapons for whole day and during which 11 innocent people were killed where were they police and agencies ?
    3) why they keep talking with then till then end even 15 min before the main oaasult ?
    4) why the draft agreed by both the parties were changed by the presdent and who did that ?
    5) why the opperation commander came to ullemas and tell then that they have 15 min to yes or no ?
    6) why the elder bro came out if its a drama the younger bro could have come out the same way as his elder bro did but he didnt and even 15 min before his Martydom he sms to Hamid Mir saying ” we are 3 people left now and all are dead ” ?
    7) why they did not tell how the colonal Islam killed , he was not shot at he was killed while planting and IED ” Intended Explosive Device ” a bomb ?
    8) why he was used when he was used in Bugti’s operation only to end that chapter or some thing else ?
    9) why the innocent students were humiliated in public and on media ?
    10) why Gazi Abdul aziz was shown on PTV in BURQA ?
    11) why they all were killed , why didnt they starve them and then made them out ?
    12) why the graves are digging even right now and for whome at 2:30 am in the morning ?
    13) why are they not allowed media to go in ?
    14) why they did not grant media request to Ghazi Shaheed only cos the inner story will be known ?
    had they listen to Mufti Taqi Usmani this would have not happened and they both would not have been used by the agencies , think about it , if it was a drama and he knew about it then why he was killed , why he let all finshed , his madrasas , mosque , status and life ?
    its easy to say that he was acting in interest of them but if we think that what he did to himself and to his whole family may be we dont have the answers if we put ourself in his place , think its not a game its matter of life or Martydom and he choose SHAHADA

  • Munir Ahmed

    It is sickening what has happened. Everyone knows that Musharraf wanted to kill these people. We know that he wants Prostitution, Homosexyuality, Drinks, Drugs, non marital sex, moral destruction in Pakistan. When any muslim tries to stop these things, like the people in Lal Masjid did, he will go out of his way to murder them. He has openly declared war upon the teachings of the Koran, the Islamic identity of Pakistan and even Allah himself. Besides, there were more than 200 children killed in this operation. They were buried in a mass grave by the Plitistan army just outside Islama sorry Kaffirabad. These people are sick, they belong in Sodom and Gamoorah where there ancesostors came from.

  • Kamran Rasool


    I have heard that when a muslim kills another muslim they both go to hell. It doesn’t matter you are maulana or the other is president.

    It doesn’t matter who you are. If you both are mulims and spill eachothers blood. You both are wrong. If muslims fight with eachother then it means they both are being made fool by a non-muslim.

    Musharraf is a biggest fool. I don’t know what are his goals. But if he is a Muslim he just did the biggest mistake of his life. Same goes for Maulana. There should have been some way to solve this issue without spilling a single drop of blood, but the both parties were too emotional and careless.

    Pakistani nation is not a mature nation. This nation has to go through all this maybe more to learn their lessons. Blessed ones are those who are not in Pakistan, but they see this happening from long distance and feel hurt as well as humiliated. But that’s ok, we are prepared there’s more to come. Musharraf will also see his bad end. but he will enjoy a little more before he meets his worst end (maybe like Saddam or even more worst).

    Looks like Pakistan is heading towards the same road once Iraq headed.

    I pray to Allah that he blesses all the muslims everywhere and at every part of this universe. Ameen

  • miel

    All this talk about who is Muslim, and who is not Muslim, and who is Muslim but doesn’t behave like a Muslim is confusing to me (=Christian), and, honestly, smacks of racism, especially when these guys in that Mosque are only trying to outdo each other in how much they hate everybody who is Muslim, but does not behave like a Muslim, or is really not a Muslim, making them the only real Muslims.
    Just call a spade a spade, OK: These guys are just savages, capable only of hatred, terrorism and murder, which is against any religion. They shame Islam. Away with them.

  • Jay Kactuz

    I wish that Muslims, for once, would stop and consider the state of things. The problems of Islam and Muslims affect more than just Muslims. Because it is a small world, and because of population movement, the rest of the world now has to endure Muslims, their problems and their ideology. We had enough problems on our own without your help. Thank you so very much!

    Yes, TAS, many of us think all Muslims are mad. Probably not all, but a very large percentage. Maybe not mad, but evil. It may have something to do with what you do to each other, to women, to minorities and to us non-Muslims.

    So Muslims are killing Muslims? Isn’t that what Muslim do when they are not killing infidels? If there were no infidels on earth, do you really think Muslims would stop killing each other? The fact is that Islam is synonomous with violence and death. It was that way in the beginning, it is that way now.

    Read the Quran. Read the hadith! They explain in very clear terms why Islamic societies are the way there are. They explain the violence, inequities and lack of human rights. The fact is that all Islamic states are disfunctional, it is only a matter of degree. They exist not for the people, but the rulers, the Imams and clerics, and bureaucrats of course.

    Of course, as we see here, Muslims always blame everything on everybody else, anything but themselves and Islam (Well, except for Khalid).

    Look at Pakistan and then look at India. What is the big difference? Take a wild guess.

    You all take care, but be aware that things are going to get worse and we all will suffer. Thank you again.


  • Saadia Habib

    Mr. Sajiid pls chang ur name u r not muslim and u think than plz start beleiving in Allah not in Musharat.

    Musharaf will see his end very soon and also u?? Musharaf kay dil par agar Allah nay mhar laga di hay jesa ke Rab nay apni kitab main keh dia hay tu aap apnay eman ki fikar karo.

    Lal Masjid main jo log shaheed huay hain un ka khoon khud bolay ga aur Musharaf aur us kay hamiyun say khud badla lay ga Inshallah. Agar un ko Musharaf nay shaeed karwa dia hay tu main ya maray jasay lakhon zinda hain kis kis ko maray ga yeh. Allah nay apnay deen ki hifazat khud karni hay aur tum ya tumhara yeh bastard Musharaf Allah kay samnay machar kay par say b kam ho.. Got it.. Think before speaking out…lots of muslim are still alive to give u shutup call….. got it now

  • wali

    My friends, worthless to debate. Just trust ur hearts, the heart never lies. The LAL Masjid brigade played into the hands of the govt. The fools did thier bidding and whn they found out that they were being used, its was too late. They tried to tell the truth but its was too late.

    Both the foolish LAL masjid folks and the govt shud be ashamed. They bought shame to Islam, Pakistan, madresas and the Army.

    Thier was a big operation to disgrace main stream Islam and it succeeded. Congrats to the fools in the Army and the Maderesas

  • Shin-To

    It’s the fault of Bush, of Musharraf, of “the government”, of the West, the East, the South, the North, of the Jews, the Eskimos, did I forget anybody? Now if for a start the fanatics running Pakistan into the ground stopped the killing, and started by getting a life! People should start taking their RESPONSIBILITY and try to be CONSTRUCTIVE in their life. If that doesn’t happen soon, then there is no future.

  • saghir

    i think gvt. must wait for more and more time, because there is no point to kill innocent people only to finish the issue, so gvt. must wait for a long time if it was needed to resolve issue, if the people were inside so the govt. must wait outsides, why there was so hurry to resolve this issue although it could be resolved after even a month later what was wrong to wait for more then even months because it was better to wait and save the lives.there was no killing happening inside for the innocents that the govt. was scare of it.

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