Pakistan: Lal Masjid and Truths

Behind the Chairman's Door has a sharp response to those who state the Government in Pakistan shouldn't have dealt with the Lal Masjid issue the way it had.


  • Sajjad

    I want to talk on so-called “Red Mosque” because is more like a training camp for people who want to enforce their own will on the people of the country. They want to decide what business a man should do. They want to decide that no female can drive a car. They want to decide that every woman should be wrapped in heavy clothes to seize her identity. They also don’t show faces so they could be recognized. They are highly extremist plus Abdul Aziz (president of the monastery) is suffering from psychiatric disease. He sees dreams and holds a book of dream containing more than 300 dream and act on them as they are revelations and his students follow his commands. A Psycho is persuading all this activity and his wife the Master Mind took full benefit and provoked him, as well as female and male students to enforce their psycho will in the town.


  • ali

    i dont agree with sajjad.
    if the action suppose to be taken then it should be taken earlier on chinees ladies issue and so many others.

    action purpose is to divert media and public intention from . Flood
    . All political parties meeting in london which going to be held day after tomorrow.
    nothing else.
    government has secret agencies.she can remove weapons easily from the lal masjid.

  • zafar

    Its all drama staged by govt of Pakistan.Once again Pakistanis were made fool

  • I love comments like this, because it is what makes Pakistan struggle. There are still flood relief activities going on in Pakistan, both in Baluchistan and the NWFP, as the military has not been diverted from there. Yet, people would like to believe the politicians that have so greatly served this nation, while filling their own pockets.

    If the government had taken action prior to this, everyone would have said that it was unjustified, as there are some that even today say that Musharraf took this action on the US’s bidding. I think the phrase is “Damned if you, Damned if you don’t”

    If you have seen the news today, you would know that President Musharraf is in Quetta today to tour the flood effected areas. He has already announced that the government of Pakistan will rebuild all the homes that have been demolished, given Rs. 15,000 to each and every person affected and given an additional Rs. 5000 from his own pocket to each person to help alleviate the problems brought by the flood. All of this while setting up tent cities for people to live in and receive food and care, while the province is rebuilt.

    If this is a supposed distraction from the flood, then so is the MMA’s caravan through Pakistan to drum up support to remove the Musharraf government. These nay-sayers need to learn that NO politician has ever worked for the good of the country, dating back to Z A Bhutto and the earthquake in Baluchistan, where international donations earmarked for relief were pocketed by the sitting government.

    We Pakistanis need to stop faulting the government at ever step and learn that we have a responsibility to the nation as citizens. This was evidenced during the October 2005 earthquake, when Pakistanis put aside their differences and worked together to save other Pakistanis. Not everything can be done by the government alone, and until we start to accept that and fulfill our responsibility as citizens of Pakistan, we have no right to fault the government for what it is trying to do with constrained resources.

  • TAS

    slams to all. we the pakistanes who sit and watch all this from out of pakistan are hurt and upset because the world is looking at as and thinking they are mad they are killing each ather.
    how can they live and work with as if they can’t do that at home.

  • Sajid

    AsalamoElekum All Muslim….

    ye koee drama nahi hay…APC hoo ya Justice Sahib ka masla…ye sab kuch aese time per ho gaya hay k waqi ye lag raha hay..k ye koee drama hay…Asal Masla Khawateen aur bachoo ko bachana hay yehi real masla hay…Govt jo kar rahi hay sahi kar rahi hay…Rasheed sahib ko pahle tu Ghazi word hi nikal dena chahye apne name say…woo haar chuke hay…ak ak muslim ko badnam kia hay unhoon ne..barhal waqt bata dey ga..k Govt ka drama hay ye Lal masjid wale drama hay…ye koee jahad nahi hay….marwa diya unhon ne kitne logo ko…10 time is ko Phansi di jaye Chowk per…i m zaicha ney saaf dekha hay…Abdul rahseed drama hay…apni jaan bachane k liye…Al-Qaeeda aur Inteha Pasand Dahshat gard in ko bacha raha hay….ye tu Allah khair karey Muslim ka kaam nahi yee… 100%…anywayz….Waqt bataye ga kon sahi hay…byee

  • muslim

    Musharaf is a weirdo he changes colours with the wind. He supported Tailban and then when bullied by Bush and armatige he turned turned against Islam.

    Now he is bullied by land siezing Murderes and rapist politicions like Sujawat andnow he uses his army to protect teh prostition and drug racket of these badmash (bandits) politicians.

    It is well known that likes of sujawwat have private armies of the most ruthless murders in pakistan and musharaf is scared of them.

    was it not sujawaat whose high way robbers murdered men and women of his rival and cut of the breasts of the women after they ahd raped and murdered them in teh 19 90’s

  • muslim

    the govt is playing tricks..musharaff surely is very cunning…
    lal masjid issue is just the govt’s attempt to finish all mudarassas and ultimately islam…
    media especiaally PTV is brainwashing the public and is trying to project a very humble and innocent picture of the govt and its operation..
    what amazing trap the govt has set to defame the mulvis!!!

  • A.A
    indiviual makes nation,it is time to forget our inner (personel)issue & gather to cope with the anemies of islam.
    God bless us, it realy a hard time for all the muslim wether live in pakistan or any other place of the world.
    hope sustain the world , things will better soon.
    worried maryam imran

  • nosheen

    salam.yup i agree with rest of tha ppl and wants 2say tht its just a propaganda against muslims created by just n just mr musharraf.hez really v cunning n tricky man and da main leader of this muslims war.God bless all of us hope 4da best

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