5 July 2007

Stories from 5 July 2007

Russia: Sochi Victory

Siberian Light writes: “I suspect that the people of Sochi are especially pleased by their victory. As well as all the business possibilities opened up by their victory […].” Megan Case quotes a Russian friend: “If I wake up tomorrow and Sochi has been chosen I’m going to hate Putin...

Ukraine: Yalta European Strategy

Ukrainiana writes about a Yalta European Strategy (YES), a get-together of “a loose alliance of ‘friends of Ukraine’ among Western political elites,” sponsored by Victor Pinchuk, ex-president Kuchma's son-in-law.

Ukraine, Russia: Sochi and Visas

Ukraine Today congratulates Sochi with winning the 2014 Winter Olympics bid and writes: “Ukraine should seek to encourage Russia to free up its visa requirements for short term visits bringing Russia's visa's system in line with Ukraine and other Eastern European Countries. Russia's current visa requirements are holding back tourism...

Iran:Helping Lebanon but not Iranian Flood Victims

Balouch says[Fa] that according to Iranian media, government's help for many flood victims in Sarvan in Sistan and Balouchestan province has not been sufficient.The blogger reminds us that Iranian government paid 20 thousands dollars to (Shi'ite) people who lost their houses in Lebanon during last year war.

Tamil Blogosphere: The Cheroot Store

  5 July 2007

The Cheroot is a cylindrical cigar with both ends clipped during manufacture. Since cheroots do not taper, they are inexpensive to roll mechanically, and their low cost makes them particularly popular. The word cheroot comes from French cheroute, from Tamil curuttu/churuttu/shuruttu – roll of tobacco. This word could have been...

Pakistan: Lal Masjid and Truths

  5 July 2007

Behind the Chairman's Door has a sharp response to those who state the Government in Pakistan shouldn't have dealt with the Lal Masjid issue the way it had.

China: robot fight robot

  5 July 2007

Douban's blog aggregator uses a technology to fetch the blog posts even the host is blocked, and the popularity of the post is determined by the reviews and recommendations it receives. All done by a software “robot” against another robot: Great Fire Wall. — More from Bingfeng

Nepal: Intellect and Politics

  5 July 2007

United We Blog! has an interesting post in defense of the “non-intellectuals” in politics, and the attack by the self-professed intelligentsia on the basis of intellect.

China: Female reporter fist fight

  5 July 2007

ESWN translated a blog post by a female reporter in a mainland local newspapers China Times, who got into a physical fight with a colleague during an editorial meeting. The reason had to do with plagiarism on a grand scale.

Africa: United States of What?

  5 July 2007

No Longer At Ease weighs in on the idea of building a United States of Africa: “When I heard about the idea being discussed in the AU summit of creating a United States of Africa I thought it was just another laughable idea from Gaddafi. But then I found out...

Bahamas: Cultural Production

  5 July 2007

Nicolette Bethel, guest authoring at Bahama Pundit, says that culture is the one area in which the Caribbean can compete on a global level: “We've become accustomed to thinking of culture as a series of events, rather like pearls, which are strung out along the calendar. We don't see it...

Bahamas: Hurricanes and Global Warming

  5 July 2007

Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit refers to a book by science journalist Chris Mooney, which links hurricanes with the battle over global warming: “This has enormous implications – particularly for us in the Bahamas – because strong hurricanes cause dramatically more destruction than weak ones when they hit land.”