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Pakistan: Lal Masjid and Opinions

Metroblogging Islamabad attempts to collate opinions on the Lal Masjid shootout.


  • Arun Iyer

    The Muslims in India should learn now. Had a mosque in India would have been attacked by paramillitary forces to evict terrorist, there would be more support against the same from Islamic countries and human rights and lefts would start their campaing condeming the action.

    We have yet to get any comment from any Imam in India.

    Thank god this had to happen in Pakistan, Pres, Musharraf got the fruit of the seeds he sowed.

    Arun iyer

  • Ali

    I just wanted to post in reply to those who think that the Govt. is being unjust and brutal. If you would look at the facts, the Govt. has been more than humanitarian, and you cant expect them not to care when brain-washed students, young men, and women take hostages and beat innocent people.

    What about the humanitarian rights of these innocent people who are just going about their lives, people who own CD stores, movie shops, Internet Cafe’s, just trying to make a living – they’re being told to close their businesses in the name of Islam.

    What about the innocent Police and Army officers being kidnapped and beaten in Islamabad and near the Afgan border? what did they ever do other than their jobs?
    What about the chinese students and public who are being targeted for NO reason at all!

    How can anyone justify these actions and expect the Govt. should’nt take any action – we should just let this continue? let these fundamentalist’s run for Govt?

    I think people need to wake up and see whats really going on. There are laws and people should live by them and respect them. Not take things in their own hand and become jury and executioner!

    The negative publicity that Pakistan as a whole is receiving is simply sad. It looks like we are no different than the butchers who were killing innocent people in Afghanistan. We may have made progress in industry and living standards, but our minds have not changed and are still lagging behind because of such Islamic fundamentalists.

    God save Pakistan! because the people of Pakistan only seem to be tearing it apart in the name of Islam and God.



    aasallam o alaikum!to you sir:
    1. the ‘government you talk about legally morally speaking is nothing but a gang of power hunger ruthless hypocrates which Allah has inflicted on the people of pakistan as ‘AZAB’
    2.”humantarian”???? are you an alice living in a wonderland? or according to you huantarian is a person who sells his nation to america for a few bread crumbs? or person who bombards wana cuz his ‘master” orders hi so ? or a man who gives away hundreds of pakistanis to fbi? or the one who supports mqm the alleged murderers of karachi citizens? if moulana (indeed he is our moulana(our leader) ghazi is keeping innocent adrassa chilldren “hostages” then who is musharraf”a man who himself accepted the resposbility of bombardind a madrassa in bajor on false tip from usa?
    3. please please dont be so materialistic to judge a nations progress only by the factories its setting or the crops its growing. remember you were born a muslim yuo owe it to Allah . sometimes their come time in muslims life when worldly wealth and safeties doesnt allure him as they allure us.have u ever thought why moalana ghazi with two eyes and a brain like musharraf have chosen such a different life style.? those teenager students who are staying there( not as hostages ofcourse no sane man can belief a government bluff THAT big) they also are young like us why dont they prefer security and comfort ? have theyt seen something that we cant? brothers my sincere advise to yuo all is that pick up quran with some translation open it at random and just read it! after all its Allah for whom moulana ghazi is fighting and its Allah against Whom musharref is vainly striving. do open quran and read what He the ALMIGHTY SAYS. MAY he GUID US ALLTO THE RIGHT PATH

  • Saadia Habib

    As for as I m concerned I think being a Muslim we are living in a country which is in munafqeen’s hands, people who said that Gov is on right hand, i think they want to live in so called modernization society.

    People say that this is Gov right to impose Islamic laws i just want to ask we are being Pakistanis now 60 years old, just tell me where we have islamic law? No where? we are going towards westernization not towards islamization.

    We are saying against lal masjid administration that they kidnapped 3 women from G-6 pls understand y they did it? Gov of Pakistan has passed law to do all such unislamic deeds openly and no body can stop them? Lal masjid admin did it and called culprits. They did it for Allah not for this so called our rubbish Gov. stopping sins is Jihad which they are doing. Then talk abut Chinese even not in western countries we can see such masaj centers. This women is offering girls for zina just for 1000 Rs. tell me was she doing some thing good. Gov is allowing her y?? is this Islamic country where girls got married and Supreme court allowed them to go out on bail?? Is this Islamic law???

    Open your eyes and mind and think like a muslim, musharaf gov will take out your girls on roads, this gov will force you to do all that sins which are strongly prohibited in Quran. This gov will force you to hell by giving license to do sins. Still you want to support them than do it. Not doubt about dying and facing Allah. Think what you will answer there.

    I am 100% with Lal masjid administration they are doing what our Rab and Nabi told us. Allah is with them and they will never lose this war between good and bad. They are on right and all shaheed of lal masjid deserve congratulations.

    May Allah open our mind to think and makes us a practical muslim. May Allah give us chance to go and help them against munafiq Government and army.

  • abha

    Hey i am a hindu and whatever little i know aboit islam is from my muslim friends , and as far as i understand ,Islam is actually quiet tolerant of all the religions and their practises…so all those people who in the name of islam are killing people and creating terror need to be bought to book.

    What are those terrorist doing in a religious institute at all…they have no business being there…they are defiling there own praying place, they are last people with whom anybody who believes in islam should sympathise with.They are only after power…\

    People who are supporting them are they ready for a taliban like rule where all freedom is curbed , obviously only for women….because these people seem to see the women folk as a tool for producing more militant , there seems very little dignity in their mind for the sanctity of human race.

    for once i support Pervez Musharaf…he is doing the right thing by trying to wipe the place of terrorist and trying to restore the right to live for general public.He meeds to be commended for his brave step. He has put his own future at stake to clear the path of sucess for pakisthan.

  • Ahsan

    This is totally wrong our governement is just dancing against the order of usa this all is due to illness of our governement.

  • Saira

    This whole situation has saddened me and has really made me wonder what mullanas are all about. These people say that they are making the world a better place by teaching Muslims what Islam is. So if I follow what Mullanas are saying, at least the ones in the mainstream, Islam is a religion that is intolerant of individuals who do not share the same beliefs and it prefers to annihilate all opposition, even if that means it’s coming from fellow Muslims. Also, these people say that if you strap a bomb to yourself and kill others, you’ve got a ticket to Heaven. Everyone, is this what Islam is all about?! Absolutely not. The Islam that I follow and the Islam that people I know follow preaches peace. The Islam I know tells us to help our neighbors, to feed the poor, care for the sick. The Islam I embrace is tolerant of everyone. After all whether one is a Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc, don’t we all have eyes, hands, thoughts, feelings…? All in all, everyone is the same, says the Islam I follow. To kill others or hold them against their will or to try to shove Islam down their throats is an absolute wrong. How can persecuting people be correct and just and how can it take one to Heaven? These terrorists who go about hurting others are wrong and I don’t understand why they are so blind. Has any of them honestlly read the Koran in a language that they can understand and not in just Arabic? Hitler was able to blindly lead people in persecuting the Jews because none of his followers actually stopped to evaluate what he was preaching. Similarly, these mullanas are preaching incredible wrong and deceiting everyone, even themselves. Let this be a lesson to everyone that before you listen to what anyone is saying, evaluate the situation first and look for proof. Muslims should read the Koran for themselves instead of getting an interpretation from someone else. Then we can be the judge and see what’s really right or wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not generalizing that all mullanas are wrong or corrupt. There are some that are highly educated and really know what they are talking about. I wish someone would give them a voice. We muslims should demand that in our mosques there are educated mullanas who know what they are talking about. Too many uneducated ones have been destroying the name Islam and tarnishing the minds of young Muslims. We shouldn’t tolerate that. Let the world know what Islam is really about. Let us properly represent Islam by helping others, never thinking badly of others, and making the lives of others happier. This everyone is the Islam I embrace and let me tell you that it has made me very happy. I volunteer and I do what I can to make others happy, whether it’s helping a family member or just smiling at a stranger. Everyone, this Lal Masjid crisis should be a wake up call. Enough is enough. I don’t want these crazy mullanas or terrorists to represent Islam. It’s up to us to properly represent our religion.

  • omer

    Sometime tolerance doesn’t work, and you have to show your bad side.

    Islam is soft when you respect boundaries laid by Islam, but as you cross them you will always face resistance from Muslims who know what real Islam is.

    Mr. Abha, you don’t stand in Muslim shoes, we always feel the pain if our brother gets hurt. We are told to stand against anyone who hurts the religion. History proves that Muslims are being brutally murdered since Islam came. Holocaust is just one of the history incident that we also condemn but the incident is so much in media that many seem to ignore what is happening with Muslims. I think Jews have become stone hearted now just because of Germany. We will become stone hearted soon if we are killed without justice.

    Real Muslims are not planning to invade Americans or Other Cultures to impose our religion. We are told to be just the warners, we can’t guide anyone except Allah (Lord, God) himself, we just tell what is right and what is wrong.

    On the Other hand, when we see some one tampering with our Islamic fundamentals or kill one of us we are the most dangerous people.

    Islam is deeply rooted in our societies and we and you must live in peace.

  • omer

    Some people don’t seem to speak against West or Americans openly because either one or more of their members are living in the West or their interests lies in travelling between West and East.

    In this case the relatives of such families are hostages in the so call free societies and govt of such societies have made ithostage like situation for the immigrants of any country who stands against the atrocities by their new country they live in.

    In coming years we will see a huge immigration crisis in the history for Muslims, where they will be left stranded without human rights in the countries who are famous in due to their laws providing equal rights. Many people among Muslims as well

    as non-muslims, there is a small group who is struggling for the improving the image of Islam, seem to compromise for the faith and belief they have been ordered by Islam to follow.

    There is considerable debate on how Image of Islam is being distorted.
    The reason why they want to distort our image is that they don’t want any further spread of Real Islam.(some say Fundamental)People who search for truth are prevented by scaring them from the true path.

    Why do they don’t want Islam as a dominating religion: Reason is that Islam resists more than any other religion. Muslims truly believe in Allah and his Prophets and He (Allah) is their only King.

    Many weak-faith Muslims submit themselves to the Laws imposed by rulers in this world that cross the boundaries laid by Allah (God).When ever some laws interfere with laws of Allah, many stand against such laws.

    The people who resisted in Red Mosque are making a stand to protect Islam from being interfered with by the Current Govt who seems to be acting on every command of west. As you know. Mosques were destructed by the Govt without prior notice or certain rules in Islam about the buildings used for Prayers. Govt was trying to implement reforms in Islamic schools and tried to change a mindset to be slave of the west.

    According to a Hadith,”One can never displace a place of prayer Once it is built”.

    A small group of students demonstrated in the way against the Govt in a form of rebellion against the Govt. Such actions are permitted in case if the Leader of nation tries implementing laws against Islam.(practicing is another thing)
    I am sure if World Super Power (what we call in this world) had this law enforced, many would never dare to break it.

    Why should we destruct the places of prayer which are ordered to be built by Allah? It is Allah’s law and it should stay as it.

    Let me be honest. There are considerable number of people who are stepping back from the basic Islamic practices and refraining to perform them just because they want to live at some place peacefully.

    Just as these people say Muslims are imposing their ideas on them, they are also forcefully imposing their liberal thought on muslims.

    Now for those who were born in Pakistan and lived all their lives in Pakistan without whatsoever contact or interaction with the West seem to have inclination towards Western cultures and want to imitate them in any way possible. We can see ourselves copy the trends of west without differentiating between right and wrong.

    Such example of military action against the so called terrorists is a fine example of imitation of American media (after 911)at our Govt level. Media coverage being given to a dispute at domestic level is exaggerated to look like an international issue, just to get attention of USA,UK,China and other western nations.

    We all know that this “thought” which we have just started calling extremism that leads to terrorism, has protected our nation from invaders planning to defame our religion “Islam”. Iraq had a huge army, but why did they not defend till death.

    It is because they had lost faith in their leaders and surrendered at the end without a fight. Most of the Armies now a days

    are show piece but our Pakistan’s Army has the capability to fight till death and we trust in our leaders as well. We shouldn’t let these incidents defame our army. I think we should recruit all the Jahadi Movement leaders and warriors in the army as well and train them and make them civilized. Just like when a hacker is hired in FBI as he sabotage a system, or the
    water meant to destroy is stored in dams to get power.

    Western strategy planners (protectionists) know that we are weak in terms of defense so they don’t need to encounter us in the battlefield, they can just achieve their objectives through our own people.

    Now many think “Americans” are friends. I am sure their nation is not our enemy but when it comes to our own nation protection we need any kind of defensive power in the stand by to encounter any foreign invasion whether it is invasion of thought or invasion of land, we need to respond with positive attitude.

    It is the policies that their nation votes for under pressure of imminent threat from us. Such threats are conveyed by meida to them by their own political figures who they trust.

    Now is the time to take actions to defend the National Unity and instead of negotations with the Jihadists we should negotiate with Americans (since they are seen as invaders of 21st century)

  • Saadia Habib

    Being a Muslim a territory does not matter for us. Allah made whole earth for Muslims and for the human to live and abide by Allah’s set rules and Allah allowed those people who has knowledge to stop sins by tongue and by hand. the way Lal masjid administration did and got Shahadit..

    We should have firm believe in Allah. We should not live for Pakistan or any territory we should live for Allah though Allah don’t need our favor but he sent us for a role play it if you have courage.

    What this bastered Government did in Lal Masjid is in Allah’s notice and now they all should start waiting for their turn. And no doubt Allah’s has all power to raze whole nations and whole earth as we can recite in Quran regarding previous nations.

    Please, please I request all Muslims to pls play there role and stand against this munafiq Government.

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