4 July 2007

Stories from 4 July 2007

Bolivia: Political Blog Aggregator

  4 July 2007

Sebastian Molina of Plan B [ES] helped launch a new blog aggregator called Piensa Bolivia [ES] “Think Bolivia,” which focuses on entries about the political situation in the country.

Colombia: Blog Competition

  4 July 2007

Medallo Bloguero [ES] writes about the national blog competition sponsored by the magazine Semana, in which the top three winners will form part of the magazine's bloggers.

Guatemala: June 30th, A Day to Remember

  4 July 2007

Every year on June 30, Guatemalans celebrate a festive day, when the Guatemalan Army goes on a parade in the city's center. This year was exceptional because bloggers were the real reporters of the event, and experienced something unusual that happened.

Congratulations, Rising Voices Grantees

  4 July 2007

We are thrilled to announce the first five citizen media outreach projects to receive Rising Voices microgrants. In total we received 142 project proposals from over 40 different countries. What all of the project proposals have in common is a desire to enable their communities to tell their own stories, to write their own first draft of history, to document their traditions and culture before they are washed away by the tides of globalization.

Iran:Selling gasoline in black market

Pa Brehneh Bar Khat says[Fa] that in Bandar Abbas,a port city on the southern coast of Iran,you can hardly find a taxi.The blogger adds after,last week,government rationed gasoline,taximen started to sell their own gasoline in black market instead of consuming it.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Genocide Conference

Srebrenica Genocide Blog reports that the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) will hold its 7th meeting in Sarajevo on July 9-13, 2007: “Our conference theme, Responding to Genocide Before It's Too Late: Genocide Studies and Prevention, is always appropriate, of course, but also has an immediate resonance as we...

Poland: News Roundup

The beatroot returns with a news roundup: “The EU deal that wasn't; striking doctors and nurses; and the Father Henryk Jankowski – Mel Gibson connection: the usual weird and wonderful stories out of Poland didn’t stop just because I went on holiday.”

Russia: Allofmp3.com Shut Down

Siberian Light writes: “The Russian government has finally bitten the bullet, decided it wants to be in the World Trade Organisation more than it wants to be seen as a haven of music piracy, and closed Allofmp3.com.” Robert Amsterdam has more.

Ukraine: Yanukovych's Crimea House

Ukrainiana reposts pictures of Victor Yanukovych's Crimea residence and writes: “As “people all over Ukraine struggle to make both ends meet” — the truth championed in a recent Party of Regions ad — some people obviously defy the order of the day. Their luxury lifestyles know no end.”

India: Trees and Courts

  4 July 2007

Metroblogging Chennai on the courts coming to the rescue of trees that were to be cut down by the Chennai Corporation.

India: The Taj Mahal

  4 July 2007

With the race on for the world's new seven wonders, Twilight Fairy has a lovely photo post on the Taj Mahal.

China: Beijing tap water drinkable?

  4 July 2007

Joel Martinsen from DANWEI translated a local report about drinkable Beijing tap water. However he also pointed out: the fact that the city's tap water is drinkable doesn't mean it's drinkable from the city's taps.