2 July 2007

Stories from 2 July 2007

Slovakia: “The Great Server Heist”

Last week, Slovak police seized web servers of an IT company that hosts websites of 3,500 clients – “or almost three percent of the Slovak internet” – leaving clients without internet connection and causing the country's bloggers to protest the police actions. Deleted by Tomorrow reports on “the first great...

Belarus: Demography

TOL's Belarus reposts the text on the gloomy demographic situation in Belarus, which originally appeared on the site of the Belarusan Youth Movement of America.

Albania, Greece: Video of Police Brutality

In this post, Thessaloniki-based Teacher Dude posts a YouTube video of two Albanian men being beaten and ordered to slap each other by a Greek police officer, quotes the Independent Media Center's transcript, and translates from Greek comments “expressing satisfaction at what those arrested had suffered.” Some reactions from the...

Bibliography of the Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions

  2 July 2007

Beatriz Labate announces the publishing by MAPS of an extensive bibliography about the Brazilian Ayahuasca Religions, and says that the expansion of these religious movements within Brazil and into other countries, of which the boom in studies is evidence, points to a growing relevance and timeliness of the topic.

Iran:Government against Cultural Heritage

Iranian Truth says “recently, the Iranian government commissioned the destruction of the tomb of Firuzan (Abu-lolo) in Kashan.I have also been to the tomb of Firuzan, a beautiful structure which symbolizes the beauty of Iranian architecture, but also epitomizes the struggles of Iranian identity, religion, and history. The destruction of...

Can Haitians tackle drugs and corruption?

  2 July 2007

Last week, Haitian president René Préval declared before the leaders of the fifteen member countries of CARICOM and President George Bush that fighting corruption and drugs were his government's top priorities. Collectif-haiti-de-provence is not so certain of his resolve--or that of the Haitian people.

India: The next President

  2 July 2007

VKpedia on the Presidential candidate Patil – “In essence, it looks like we have to gear up not for our first woman President, but a beneficiary of tokenism, opportunism and nepotism”

Sri Lanka: Media and Ethics

  2 July 2007

groundviews on media – “While attention is concentrated on the growing challenges to free media – and rightly so given the growing repression and censorship – less attention is paid to the unprofessional conduct of media that in their careless abandon of the rights of readers and contributors exacerbates significant...

Nepal: Youth and Politics

  2 July 2007

Kathmandu Speaks covers a Nepali Congress-wing National Students Union (NSU) mass meeting and feels the Nepali youth has come of age.