Japanese Enlist for Billy's Boot Camp

Billy's Boot Camp has hit Japan, and Japanese bloggers are talking all about the show's star, Billy Blanks. Athlete of the year in the USA Karete Hall of Fame and actor in a number of American action-adventure feature films, Blanks has now brought his show to Japan, where it is making the rounds of local TV stations, drawing reactions from bloggers and, among other things, spawning parodies.

At the bootcamp blog, a promotion for Billy's Boot Camp titled “You can make it by this summer with Billy's Boot Camp!” (ビリーズボートキャンプなら夏に間に合う!) goes:


All you need is one tatami mat of space and you can easily do this. It is called “Billy's Boot Camp” and it can be done in any season, however the season in which demand for dieting increases the most is of course summer!



[People] dress lightly and wear bathing suits… and it's the time of year when opportunities to expose your skin and your physique increase, so if you have not yet achieved your ideal body shape, hurry and get your body fit!

For those people who do not have much time and want to streamline their body all at once, why don't you take the intensive Billy Boot Camp Diet?



It's a program that can be done at your home with only a small amount of space,
but it also involves a lot of exercise, so if you continue for one week, you can be sure to expect results!

Up until now, I was going regularly to the gym or pool, but there wasn't much effect…
But now I can really see the effects — with only Billy Boot Camp everything is okay!
I think there must be a lot of other people who have felt the same effects.


Apparently Hollywood actors who are in a hurry to get fit quickly in time for a period of filming
also use this [exercise] to [get fit] safely in time for the filming.
Why don't you also enlist in the Billy Boot Camp?

Blogger Pinki comments:



Recently whenever you turn on the TV, it seems like every day Billy makes an appearance, and from the first thing in the morning he is rocking it up. This is the Billy Boot Camp that everyone is talking about now.

I'm sure there are already people who know about this, but 5 years ago Billy released a video called “Taebo”. I bought the video at that time, and it really helped me out. Every day I got psyched up and sweat as I exercised in front of the TV; those were very fun days.




After that, I recommended the video to my friend, who borrowed it, and it never came back, so I couldn't watch Billy and was very disappointed.

But finally, Billy returned!

The name was changed to Billy Boot Camp. This is the enhanced version of Tae bo, with some kind of equipment to go with it. Billy returned scaled-up. Welcome back.

Blogger Dion, however, was not as impressed:

踏み台運動やったあとビリーズブートキャンプやってみました。夜中だったので音小さくして。感想。。。 全然きつくない。つーか昔「タイボー(またはタエボー)」をやっていたような達成感がなく、えっ?それだけ?つまんなーいと思ってしまいました。どうも私のやり方が悪いようです。姿勢や動き方とかが悪くてうまく負荷がかかってない感じ。翌朝筋肉痛にもならないし(後日きたら笑うけど)。でも折角一ヶ月用セット入手したので続けてみます。

After doing the step-ladder exercise, I tried out the Billy's Boot Camp. It was late at night so I turned down the volume. My impression was… It's not hard at all. I mean, there wasn't a sense of accomplishment like when I used to finish doing “Taibo (or Taebo)” in the past. I was like “Is that it? That's boring.” For some reason, seems like I'm not very good at it. I have the feeling that my attitude or my movement doesn't carry the load well. The next morning I don't get aching muscles (I'd laugh if [the ache] came at another date). But I went to the trouble of of getting the one-month set, so I'll continue and see [how it goes].

Finally, blogger nekoyama adds a touch of sarcasm with a post entitled “Billy will help you lose weight” (そりゃ〜 ビリーは痩せるよ):


After all, you continue this strict work out for a week, right?
It would be strange if a person who doesn't normally do any workout tried this and didn't lose any weight.

現象 とかいわれてますもんね。

This is more than just a way to exercise, Billy has really gone over well.
Perhaps it was a good thing that he played the role, in American movies, of the American soldier who is worked very hard.
He's been called a phenomenon.


But for me, who can't manage to continue the exercise, even with Billy there, it's still impossible.
I pretty much hate being given a pep talk by a DVD.
And on top of that, I don't have that much space left in my room anyway.

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