Croatia: Marko Perković Thompson

Illyrian Gazette and Balkan Baby write about the controversial Croatian singer Marko Perković Thompson and his recent concert in Zagreb. In the same post, Balkan Baby also writes about Tito's birthplace and football.


  • Chris Matter

    The celebrations for OLUJA should be centered in KNIN – because KNIN was the capital of Krajina and it was liberated by Croatians.

    It is digusting and shameful that Thompson is stealing the celebration to his own village of Cavoglave for his own profit and pocket – not respecting the even now suffering city of Knin. Instead of helping Knin he is degrading it and stealing the show – again for his own profit. Despite what Thompson thinks, he is not God, his public is fickle – and if he flies to close to the sun, his wings will melt. It’s only a matter of time.

    I consider him and all the other singers from his celebration traitors and users – I will never attend any of their concerts again – they will not see another penny from me and my family.

    So typical of Croatians to work against each other for their own profit – that is why we will never be happy in Croatia – and will probably lose it again.

    Disgusted in Canada

  • Marcello Gusberti

    This letter is a perfect example of the not-informed intervention from abroad that used to make ALL Croatian furious.
    Accusing Marko Perkovic and Croatia in general, of diverging celebration from Knin to Čavoglave for profit is utterly inaccurate considering that everyone in Croatia knows that the concert in Čavoglave is a umanitarian one and every lipa (not penny, please) earned in it go to veteran, orphaned children and so on…
    In the last,also this year celebration includes a “Coffee in Knin” break-up with a column of cars heading to king Krešimir’s town…

    Sve Najbolje…

  • Marija Sutic

    Whoever this Chris guy is has no idea what hes talking about. I don’t think you even understand him or his songs.

    My dad fought in the Domovinski Rat(Homeland War) and I remember everything from when I was a little girl. Every time I hear Thompson’s songs I feel a calm and pride to be Croatian. His songs helped me so much, and I know they helped my dad, as many other Croatians.

    So please get your facts straight before you go on judging people by that little bigoted head of yours. Because you obviously don’t know anything about Croatia or the people that live there.

    Proud in California.

  • Dorothy Mokry

    Shame on any all those croations and any other nazi sympathizers who pay any money to see this anti-christ!!! Hope he burns in hell with Hitler!!!!!

  • Chris

    I honestly pray for people like you. He never ever sang any songs about hatred or bigotry. The Za Dom Spremni salute has been around for a thousand years…it is not a Nazi salute. In addition, the Serbs are the biggest bigots on the planet – they were also working with the Nazi’s to exterminate all Jews in Belgrade..of which they proudly announced “Belgrade is free of its Jews.” Not to mention the songs the serb paramilitaries sang once they levelled was shown on please check your archives. This is what they sang:
    (“Slobodane, Slobodane, šalji nam salate;
    bit će mesa, bit će mesa – klat ćemo Hrvate!…”)
    English translation: Slobodan Milosevic, send us salad, there will be meat, we’ll slaughter the Croatians.

    Educate yourself, and gather the facts, don’t take things at face value. The serbs are living in international isolation. They still hold on to Replika Serbia in Bosnia, which was obtained as a result of genocide. The Serbian radical party obtained 40% of the popular vote. Don’t you think it is in their best interests to send smoke screens and make Croatia look bad? Thompson’s lyrics have been translated to English on the syndicate productions website. I welcome you to view them, and the kids that salute him, that is the Za dom Spremni salute, been around since Ban Jelacic times. Please research for yourself.
    Kind regards,
    A proud Croat American…

  • Chris

    Sorry forgot to add one important fact: The Serbs are still harboring two of the most notorious war criminals..Mladic and Karadzic. Where is the everyone’s outrage? Many people are buying into the media hype all based on false accusations.

  • croat

    a note to Dorothy…you obviously have no idea what is going on and should probably keep your opinions to yourself. apparently the only thing you see is another reason for you to complain about the holocaust. where were you when there was a holocaust in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s? where were you when the world published an article in TIME MAGAZINE and posted a picture on the front cover of the concentration camps the Serbs had over there? we didnt get museums, we didnt get reparations, we didnt get memorials. all we got was a group called the anti-defamation league telling us we’re fascists and racists. i hate to break it to you but you probably dont even know one word of the language and have probably never even heard a single song by these artists, and therefore have no right to comment. everyone suffers in war…thats why its called war. unfortunately 65 years ago it was YOUR war. ive taken the courses, ive read the books, i understand what happened and feel and know it should never happen again. we’re in a new millenia with a new way of thinking, and the constant regurgitation of such past issues only further desensitizes people to your complaints. enough is enough. read a book once in a while, and not just one about the holocaust, you might ACTUALLY LEARN something.

  • marcellogo

    Thank to everyone for the moderate and exact replyes they posted, and thank, thank, thank to the Croat living in Toronto for their gallant response to what is now clearly become only a lobby of international blackmailers,and for their interest are puttyng stryfe between honest communities of immigrant citizen, to sparkle intolerance and to infamate the (revered) memory of their founder.
    Cheers from Italy.

  • Right on Croat. Well said.. I’m also amazed that Thompson writes his own lyrics, I’ve seen some of his concerts. You guys rocked. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how great the band was. His concerts are fun filled musical experience that leaves a lasting impact.. All I’ve heard is good feedback from everyone. They are extremely professional and I hope I can see them again in the future… Love you all guys… Thompson is Zakon ……

  • Marija

    Thank you ‘Croat’ and ‘Chris’ for your opinions. I believe both of you are right. I’m glad you guys commented. It means a lot to me, as it would to a lot of Croatian people.

    A lot of people don’t understand what his music makes you feel. Even I can’t describe the feeling. Its a mix of pride, happiness, sadness and faithfulness. You feel every emotion he puts into each song. As soon as you hear the music, your blood starts pumping and you feel the music flowing through your veins. Its one of the best feelings you will ever feel. A large part of it comes from what you experienced. If you can’t relate to what he is singing about, I doubt you’ll be able to understand the music and his songs on a deeper level.

    Zauvjek Hrvatica…

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