China: Bloggers take on drugs

Judging from its wikipedia entry—or its United Nations page which hasn't been updated in three years, one might think the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, June 26, belongs to China, the first member of the American War on Drugs, and a country which takes its drug problems seriously.

How did the Chinese blogsphere mark the occasion? Blogging kingpin drug convicted substance abuser and aging rocker Xie Dong out to speak on his experiences, a bundle of videos were uploaded to Chinese video sharing websites like where ex-addicts shared their struggles and anti-drug petitions were passed around. Posters were made, bringing in the usual stoner comments (“I smoke drugs.” “I smoke cigarettes..hehe”), one Xinhua blogger took the time to show people what they're up against, and upstanding car owners even gathered in a parking lot to spell out the Chinese words ‘ban drugs’.

At citizen blogging website MoLive, two posts went up, one in Beijing where concerned neighborhood aunties and uncles teamed up with health professionals to spread the word about the link between intravenous drug use and HIV infection:


On the morning of June 26, the district committee in Beijing's Shijingshan district held a “take part in the battle against drugs, build a harmonious society” event in Cinema Square, with over one hundred young volunteers participating to spread the message ‘stay away from drugs, stay away from AIDS’. During the even, the appropriate departments distributed nearly one thousand brochures, fulfilling their public obligation to spread information related to the prevention of AIDS.






Reader comments:

第1楼: 股神 新人 4级
顶!顶死你!!!(2007-06-26 21:48)
第2楼: 金辰 三段 38级
顶!(2007-06-26 21:50)
第3楼: wuwei 菜鸟 8级
顶!(2007-06-27 07:00)
第4楼: 变相怪杰 新人 6级

06-27 07:59)
第5楼: 心静 新人 3级
难怪这么多关于禁毒的直播,昨天是禁毒日呀,俺都不知道(2007-06-27 08:52)
第6楼: yongxianwei 二段 31级
顶!(2007-06-27 12:05)
第7楼: 峰 熟手 20级
反正我是不碰这个(2007-06-27 12:23)
第8楼: 小刚 新人 7级
顶!这个害死人啊!(2007-06-27 13:50)
第9楼: badboy 新人 13级
顶!(2007-06-27 14:11)
第10楼: 俯拍 新人 5级
顶! 往往沾上毒品的人起初都是对它好奇才去尝试的,这是个错误的想法(2007-06-27 15:00)
第11楼: 微笑刺客 新人 5级
顶!强烈抵制(2007-06-27 17:29)
第12楼: jingguan 新人 12级
顶!支持,一定要制止(2007-06-27 22:40)
第13楼: sheng588888 一段 29级
顶!(2007-06-28 09:38)

-w00t! w00t you to death!!!
-w00t! At the same time that we ‘stay away’, we can't exclude those who've gotten AIDS, because they got it without their knowing, that's why we must give them all the more care.
-No wonder there's all these anti-drug broadcasts, yesterday was anti-drug day. I had no idea.
-Actually, I never touch the stuff.
-w00t! The stuff kills you!
-w00t! Most often those who get stuck on the drugs are people who started off curious and just wanted to try it, this is a mistaken perception.
-w00t! Intensely resist them!
-w00t! I support this, drugs must be stopped.

And a second post from provincial Guizhou, not far from China's corridor into the Golden Triangle, where local authorities took a different approach:








Reader comments:

第1楼: 峰 熟手 20级
顶!有点不人道(2007-06-26 14:47)
第2楼: 游客评论:
顶!(2007-06-27 08:06)
第3楼: 心静 新人 3级
看来贵州这里贩毒的人很多,抓住的就有这么多,还有很多没有抓住的呢(2007-06-27 08:42)
第4楼: 蓝风视界 一段 21级
顶!场面壮观.我眼福不太好.犯人们穿的是救生衣吗?(2007-06-27 09:01)
第5楼: 变相怪杰 新人 6级
顶!好好戒毒吧!(2007-06-27 09:07)
第6楼: 游客评论:
这些家伙太可恶了,枪毙八年(2007-06-27 09:34)
第7楼: 游客评论:
一个县城就这么多的毒贩子,这里贩毒很猖狂呀(2007-06-27 09:34)
第8楼: 游客评论:
学生也参加这个大会,学生还小还是不要让他们参加的好(2007-06-27 10:04)
第9楼: 游客评论:
楼主应该跟踪报道,去拍一些他们被枪毙的场面(2007-06-27 10:06)
第10楼: 文彪 新人 9级
执法部门没有人懂得什么叫人权~(2007-06-27 10:07)
第11楼: 游客评论:
他们应该都不是重刑犯,都没有带脚镣,而且面容不是很憔悴,一看都是些小人物(2007-06-27 10:09)
第12楼: 游客评论:
第10楼: 文彪 新人 9级 执法部门没有人懂得什么叫人权~(2007-06-27 10:07) 什么意思给大家解释一下,我们不理解

(2007-06-27 10:10)
第13楼: 游客评论:
不吸毒的人生是不完整的 (2007-06-27 10:13)
第14楼: 游客评论:
犯人穿的背心怎么都跟清洁工一样呢(2007-06-27 10:16)
第15楼: 游客评论:
贩毒比较严重的就是一些边境地区,贩毒太猖狂了 (2007-06-27 10:17)
第16楼: 游客评论:
吸毒后悔一次,不吸后悔一生(2007-06-27 10:22)
第17楼: 游客评论:
看了吸毒人的惨状,真是不寒而栗(2007-06-27 10:41)
第18楼: 游客评论:
人为什么会吸毒呢(2007-06-27 10:41)
第19楼: 游客评论:
现在很多明星吸毒,前段时间谢东刚在家里被抓,还搜出了很多的毒品(2007-06-27 10:42)
第20楼: 游客评论:
杀无赦,崭立决(2007-06-27 10:51)
第21楼: 游客评论:
66这个数字很吉利,有什么特别的寓意吗?(2007-06-27 10:53)
第22楼: 游客评论:
个子长的大了也不好,就要举牌子(2007-06-27 11:01)
第23楼: 游客评论:
有点杀鸡给猴看的意思(2007-06-27 11:03)
第24楼: z669558 入门 24级
顶!(2007-06-27 11:14)
第25楼: 游客评论:
宣战来吧,我们毒品是不会被打败的 (2007-06-27 13:37)
第26楼: badboy 新人 13级
顶!就是犯罪吧,也没必要把人拿去示众,这有点侵犯人权(2007-06-27 13:39)
第27楼: 传媒大师 新人 7级
顶!这些人好可怜!(2007-06-27 14:41)
第28楼: 散步天涯 熟手 16级
顶!他们现在可怜,你知道他们以前是多么风光吗?(2007-06-27 17:58)
第29楼: 周化丽 入门 16级
顶!吸毒后悔一次,不吸后悔一生(2007-06-27 20:05)
第30楼: 姜子牙 熟手 12级
顶!吸毒后悔一生,不吸后悔一次,(2007-06-27 20:26)
第31楼: jingguan 新人 12级
顶!第29楼: 周化丽 入门 16级 顶!吸毒后悔一次,不吸后悔一生(2007-06-27 20:05) ???????(2007-06-27 22:29)

-w00t! It's a little inhumane.
-Seems there's a lot of people trafficking drugs here in Guizhou, they caught so many, but how many have they still not caught?
-w00t! A splendid sight. I rarely have the fortune of seeing something so spectacular. The criminals, are those life jackets they're wearing?
-w00t! Kick those drugs!
-These guys are too abominable. Execute them and don't stop shooting for eight years.
-One county seat has so many drug peddlers? Drug use is crazy here!
-Students took part in this rally too. The students are too young they shouldn't be allowed to see this.
-You should follow up with more reports, go get pictures of them being shot.
-Law enforcers don't have a clue what human rights are…
-I imagine they're not serving for serious crimes, none of them have ankle restraints, and their faces aren't emaciated. One look and I can tell they're just small fry.
-Two comments up: ‘Law enforcers don't have a clue what human rights are…‘ What do you mean? Explain this to everyone, we don't understand.
-Life isn't complete until you try getting high.
-Why do the uniforms the criminals are wearing look like janitor uniforms?
-Where drug trafficking is the most serious is in some of the border regions, the drug trafficking is just too crazy there.
-To get high is only one regret. Never getting high is a lifetime of regret.
-Seeing how miserable a state these addicts are in, I don't just shiver I shudder.
-And why do people take drugs?
-Lots of celebrities take drugs these days, wasn't Xie Dong busted at home just recently? And they found lots of drugs.
-To kill them all without mercy would be the appropriate means of recourse
-Hey 66 is a lucky number.. Is it supposed to mean something?
-Being big and strong isn't much help, you still have to take punishment
-It looks a little like killing the chickens to scare the monkeys.
-Go ahead, declare war. Our drugs can never be defeated.
-w00t! So what if they've broken the law, no need to bring them out and show everyone, this sort of impinges on human rights.
-w00t! These people are so pitiful!
-w00t! They're pitiful now, but do you know how well off they were before?
-w00t! To get high is only one regret. Never getting high is a lifetime of regret.
-w00t! To get high is only one regret. Never getting high is a lifetime of regret.
-w00t! To the above two comments ‘To get high is only one regret. Never getting high is a lifetime of regret.‘: ??????????

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