Afghanistan: Kuchi-Hazara Dustup

Ronin reports that the recent clash between Hazaras and Kuchis in Afghanistan has been resolved with the Kuchis withdrawing to Pashtun land.


  • Shaman

    In one articles I read some points written by some Pshtun guy to mention that Hazaras are beeing punished for helping British in the Past. My point is if we are Punished for that then what could be a Punishment for Pashtuns in the Future justified by the Hazaras. For what they have been doing towards Hazaras!
    In details the article says:
    Because Hazaras helped British forces in the past but British forces failed in the end to occupy the land and left. Hazaras the were pushed to become servants to Pashtuns and Tajiks!!!! What a great way to justify things my God :) This is the main reason Afghanistan still lives in stone ages. Tomorrow when Hazaras will be powerful they would make Pshtuns servants for their Taliban acts! No, We won’t. We forgive them. We have big heart.
    The Cycle of punishment must end through out the globe. Education can change everything. These are my points. Thanks.
    The Posts by Mr. Wahid are here:

  • Pusntuns lie

    In fact, it is Pusntuns who were subjects to Brits to fight Hazaras. Pusntuns/Brits won the war against Hazaras and were able to take some of Hazara lands.
    That is the truth! Pusntuns have always beens slaves to someone, to starting to Persions, Muhgols, Sikhs, Brits etc. Pushtuns have no destiny or ability to be a country! They have always been a subject to someone and they will be!

  • Sekandar

    Dear both Hazara brothers,

    I think ur mind is so narrow. I don’t think it is the time to talk on these stupid conflict creating issues among Afghans. We are all Afghans and that is all. I understand that you guys have been marginalised during the history in Afghanistan, but I don’t think it is the right time to create more problems.
    Who was supporting Brits and who was what? This is something that history has recorded and everyone knows. But my advice for people like you guys would be not to insult a specific group of people. Insulting someone/a group is not a professional way of reacting to an issue. It shows that how emotional and unprofessional you guys are. We understand that there are problems between Kuchis and Hazaras, but let’s find a way to solve it not to make it worse.
    Thanks for understanding.

  • The Hazara-Kuchi standoff has not been resolved yet, and it continues to haunt hundreds of families in the central regions of Afghanistan. For more, see here:

    Your friend seems to be clearly on the wrong here with his history facts: It was the Pashtuns who sided with the British. In fact, it has been them throughout the history of Afghanistan who have sided with the Pashtuns. King Abdur Rahman, a Pashtoon, was a British yes-man. King Shah Shuja, a Pashtoon, was a British Yes-man. Later, the Khalq and the Parcham parties, heavily Pasthoon-dominated, including Dr. Najib, were Pashtoons who helped the Russians. Amanullah and Habibullah were pashtoons who tried to Westernize Afghanistan.

    A people not in power cannot cut deals with foreign powers to give them access to roads, resources and political sway. They can only fight foreign powers for influence. And the Hazaras did that.

    But by virtue of objectivity, it was the pashtoon RULERS, the elite class, who cut the deals. The ordinary Pashtoons, who constituted the bulk of the Pasthoon population, disenchanted with their ruling elite, fought invaders bitterly. And for that, they deserve credit.

  • I will tell you that Hazara are not that clever to make pashtun servants. This country was found by pashtun and built by pashtun and even the word Afghan have been giving by Pashtun to themselves after the third Afghan( Pashtun)war against the British. Afghan leaders was Pashtun and are Pashtun and always will be Pashtun.
    Hazra are the people who came in Changis empire to Afghanistan. Hazara didn’t even knew what is politics we Pashtun tought them. They were just in the middle of Afghanistan.Tajiks are from Tajikistan, Uzbeks are from Uzbekistan and Hazara are from Mongols empire everyone knows that so then why are they saying this is our country? First read the history of afghanistan and then come to the front and talk!

  • Shaman

    I think, when wrong comes, it needs to be destroyed. The article above I talked about is not my own words. It was taken from a Pashtun writer.
    One thing I say is, No one in that area is eligible to rule. They were slaves, are slaves and will be slaves.
    Mr. Ajaz, I wish that Pashtuns could rule one day. What do you thing? Can Pashtuns provide equal justice to all ethnicities of Afghanistan? One day you will be under the clouds of Turk-Mongols once again and for lasting time. If you are Muslim, try to clean your houses, toilets, kitchens, bathrooms. Because according to Islam cleaning comes first. And of course, loving all humans equal is another top level element of Islam. Can you?

  • sayed mukhtar

    i think mr ajaz knolege gose back only til time of british raj,he has no clue about histry of afghanistan,if hazara is army of changaz r for befor,we are mangole,but that does not mean we are from chengaz army,my dear for your kind information,mangol had and still have many tribs,and we were fighting each other all the time,becouse of chinise impra ,he was making us fight among ourself,se we should not make problem for him,and the grope of mango like basod and daizingee and more were in afghanistan far befor cahngeez ,he was not even born ,that is true he brought his trib togather,and form him self,he came to afghanistan ,and it is also true that we hazar foght with him,and we were crashed down,then later we become one ,becouse we were mangol afterall,word of hazara cam on us long after that,u see hazara is parsian word,it is not mangolian,people say that changez left his tousend solder behind,simple qustion if he left thousend of his solder behind,so why they are not name thousend in mangolian,and pashtoon were not in afghanistan at all,they are the descent of israel,they still have the jueish tradtional maong them,but when british came to khrasan ,they sold khrasan to them ,and then british help them to take our the contry and mad than afghanstan new name of afganistan,hazara papulation were 67% of afghanistan,but becouse haqzara were already mixed with persian colture,and were deffrent in religen with pshtoon ,so with help of british ,rahamn kill 60% of hazara,if u see histry pashtoon always got power with help of briths,even in the time of taliban,so it is not that pashtoon know politic,thay know lie,wich now known as politic ,if u lie then u r politition,dont be afended my brother,we are hurt,we lost our most of people,u shopuld tell the true story,r search more about history,your history is rahman baba and abdurrahman and ghaffar khan,what else

  • کوچی ها کی ها اند ؟کوچی ها کسانی اند که در اقتصاد مملکت رول دارندو اهمیت فوق العاده دارد تجارت پوست گوشت و روده مهمترین بخش تجارت کوچیها است که انکار نمیشود از ان کرد . کوچیها اولاد همین مرز و بوم اندد پارلمان عضویت دارندو دارای فرهنگ اصیل و عنعنات و کلتور عالی اند .مشکلات ایجاد شده اصلا معلول است علت چیز دیگری است .اگر حوصله دارید این جا علت را توضیح می دهم :در دوران امیر عبد الرحمان و امیر امان الله و دوره های قبل و بعد انها به اساس موافقه مردم محل که هم هزاره ها و هم کوچیها را در بر میگرفت فیصله شد که برای کوچیهای ولایت تخار ،بغلان و کندز اییلاق های ولایت بدخشان . برای کوچیهای ولایت هرات و بادغیس ، دشت های غور در نظر گرفته شد و برای کوچیهای مشرقی و جنوبی علفچر هایو مالچر هایو دشت های هزاره جات معیین گردید . این فیصله بشکل مقاوله ترتیب و بعد در زمان ریاست جمهوری سردار محمد داود خان یک قانون ترتیب و تصویب شد و نامش را قانون تحفظ کوچیها گذاشت و همان فیصله ها را که ساحات معیین شده بود بشکل قانون در اورد . مگر حالا کوچیهای سیاسی و هزاره های سیاسی که از ایران و عربستان الهام میگیرند معامله را بالای سرنوشت قوم مظلوم هزاره و کوچی اغاز کرده اند . ….بقیه در اینده

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