21 June 2007

Stories from 21 June 2007

Russia: June 22, 1941

“Statistics show that the memory of June 22, 1941 is being forgotten by Russia’s younger generation,” writes Sean's Russia Blog about the day on which Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union began.

Eastern & Central Europe: U.S. States’ GDPs

U.S. states have been renamed for countries with similar GDPs and the new map has been posted at Strange Maps: Russia is New Jersey, Ukraine is Idaho, Belarus is Alaska, Poland is Missouri, Czech Republic is Nebraska, Hungary is New Mexico, Romania is Delaware, Croatia is South Dakota.

Iran:Khatami says he did not shake hands,really?

Mohammad Khatami, former president, denies that he shaked hands with several Italian women.He also added the video film showing him shaking hands with Italian women is fake.This video film was visited by 61000 people on You Tube.The Italian man who has made this film,says the film is real and explains...

Iran:”Go kill yourself”

Arosak Kooki writes [Fa]that a worker in Rasht committed suicide.He did not get paid for several months and he could not survive anymore.When he asked his boss for his money,the factory owner told him “go kill yourself”, I have no money!The blogger says that in Islamic Republic in the name...

India: No Touching

  21 June 2007

A school in India bans touching, kissing or holding hands on campus. 2x3x7 on the restriction, and how it provides a great opportunity to “seamlessly blend the two great themes of adolescence – rebellion and sex”.

Sri Lanka: A Ministry for every one

  21 June 2007

Indi.ca has a rather angry post, directed at the growing number of ministries to keep members of the Parliament loyal to the President, in a country torn by conflict.