20 June 2007

Stories from 20 June 2007

Pakistan: Meeting women

  20 June 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad has an interesting primer for men looking to meet women in the city – venues range from coffee shops in book stores, gyms etc., with a note that the women you meet at parties may not be the ones you can “take home to mom”.

Indonesia: Visiting Borobudur

  20 June 2007

Blogger Ivan Henares from the Philippines is visiting Indonesia. Ivan writes about the largest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Central Java.

Malaysia: Trying the Fruit

  20 June 2007

“I picked up a piece and put it to my mouth, mildy surprised that the smell didn't put me off in the least. It was buttery, like the ripest, oiliest avocado mashed to the smoothest paste. I tasted a hint of butterscotch, a smidge of avocado, lots of sweetness, and...

China: Charity Campaign

  20 June 2007

Zhaomu blogs about a recent charity campaign in Wei-hai in Shandong province. Within 10 days, the city government managed to get RMB20 millions , and companies and corporates have agreed to donate 1 billion. The campaign is a most effective one. However, there are reports disclosing that ordinary workers are...

Korea: “No Bare Feet in Slippers. No Sportswear or Shorts”

  20 June 2007

A Korean university put this warning on a business school building. Students have reacted sharply. They say it is excessive control by the school. A school representative clarified that the intention of the warning was to teach the next generation’s business leaders about etiquette. Some bloggers criticize students’ criticisms of...

Palestine: Heroic Battle Tale

Journalist and blogger Charles Levinson , who is based Jerusalem, narrates the story of a Fateh security guard who was shot by Hamas militants and rescued by a man in a donkey cart. Eight out of the guard's 12 companions were killed.

Palestine: Baghdad Orphanage Horror

Palestinian Pundit Tony draws our attention to a Baghdad orphanage horror here. “24 boys were found naked and lying on concrete floors, covered in their own excrement, flies and sores. Some were near death..” reads the report, which has heart breaking pictures of the orphans.

Iraqi Blogger Arrives in Canada

Iraqi blogger Alaa has immigrated to Canada. “It is true that I have sadness in my heart for our poor old Iraq, but deep down I am convinced that we shall win in the end… And I don't like to hear anything against President Bush, either, because I still hold...