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China: Where's the disaster relief blogging?

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Apparently internet video [1] is huge and growing [2] in China these days. Yes, people want to see video [3]. Interested in citizen reporting that's relevant but perhaps apolitical? How about the weather [4]?

Back to 56.com, now the top Chinese video sharing website [5]. Like Flickr [6], the space it provides for reader involvement [7] is often used—abused? [8]for larger discussions [9]. Looking at 56.com's current events channel [10], the fifth post from the top [11] contains video, photos and personal accounts uploaded by users. Is it blogger coverage of the massive destruction [12] seen all over southern China [13]—where, from Guangzhou [14], 56.com is based—earlier this month? No, these videos, photos and accounts, although posted this past week, all date back to last summer when Saomai [15], the strongest typhoon to pass through China since the Communist Party seized control [16] [zh], ripped through the country's coastal east and south.

So where to find live disaster blogging [16] from this past month's catastrophe [17]? This blogger has looked but still doesn't know. Is Chinese media coverage sufficient [18]? Project Diaster's video blog [19] seems to only bring us training videos and clips from old TV shows. So what's the problem [20]?

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