16 June 2007

Stories from 16 June 2007

Iran:UK Queen's party and protesters

Kamangir explains us in details what happened in front of UK Embassy where protesters tried to disrupt a party held in honor of the Queen Elizabeth II.The demonstrators finished up their gathering with issuing a statement in which they asked the Judiciary to prosecute those who attended the party.

Kuwait: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This week's Kuwaiti blog posts swing from good to bad .. sometimes just plain ugly, writes Abdullatif AlOmar. In good news, read how Filipinos in the Emirate celebrated their country's national day; in the bad see how Kuwaiti women are now banned from working after 8pm and in the ugly news, check out the horrible destiny of a police dog.

Japan: Confidential Police Files Leaked, Again

  16 June 2007

What do a group of sex crime victims, police informants, traffic violators, members of Japan's largest crime syndicate and a man being stalked by his girlfriend all have in common this week? They all had their personal information -- including names, addresses, photos, bank account numbers, private testimony, and interrogation reports -- leaked from a police officer's personal computer onto Japan's hugely popular bulletin board 2channel Tuesday morning. Japanese bloggers have responded to the leak with outrage and frustration.

Oman: Post-Gonu Reflections

Life is slowly returning to normal in Muscat and the rest of Oman two weeks after the Sultanate was hit by deadly tropical Cyclone Gonu, which left about 50 people dead. Riyadh Al Balushi gives us a round up of how bloggers reacted to the disaster, relief efforts in Oman and lessons learned from the crisis.

Bahrain: Don't Press ‘Forward’, Press ‘Search’

What do Bahrainis think of conspiracy theories? How pleased are they with the services their ministries offer and the statements coming out of their ministers' mouths? And what does a Bahraini studying in Japan have in common with a homeless man? To answer these questions read this week's review of Bahraini blogs by Ayesha Saldanha.

Iraq: Human Life Has No Value

“It comes no surprise or shock to me, the horrid events that took place on Wednesday. In a country where human life has no value, why would a shrine that was built more than 1000 years ago be of any importance,” writes Neurotic Iraqi Wife about the latest wave of...

Palestine: Call to International Community

“It’s very simple: the Palestinians say “Hamas, Dahlan, and the PA should go to hell, all of them should disappear from Palestine”. The International community should stand up to its responsibility toward the Palestinians according to the International laws, and not according to the Israelis demands,” writes Palestinian blogger Haitham...