14 June 2007

Stories from 14 June 2007

Nicaragua: Back to Plaza de la Revolución, Again.

  14 June 2007

During recent changes in power, the ruling party often sought to cover or erase signs of the previous regimes. This included the removal of murals or renaming of famous plazas. In this case, the current Sandanista government continues the trend by renaming the main plaza back to Revolution Plaza, which is what it was called during the FSLN's first administration.

Japan: Death of a Pop Star

  14 June 2007

Blogger shisaku has a great post about the death of Sakai Izumi, singer and songwriter for the group ZARD and “the Voice of the Lost Decade” in Japan.

Serbia: “The Hidden Fascism”

Inspired by the legacy of an African-American activist Audrey Lorde, a Serbian blogger condemns her compatriots' tendency to keep silent about crimes taking place in their own backyard. Sinisa Boljanovic translates an excerpt from this passionate post.

Israel: Celebrating Father's Day

“Thousands of American families will celebrate Father's Day this Sunday without Father. He is either in Iraq risking his life for Chevron or is in his grave in a military cemetery,” writes Desert Peace from Israel.

Egypt: Save Iraqi Mosques

“I don't know what kind of a terrorist group is that that claims to be a defender of Islam and the savior of the Sunni in Iraq and at the same it destroys mosques and shrines !!” exclaims Egyptian blogger Zeinobia.

The Balkans: Bush's Watch and Stereotypes

Belgrade 2.0 looks at the generalizations and stereotypes revealed by the George W. Bush's stolen watch episode: “…the biggest reason for everyone to be happy – is that this confirms one big stereotype: Albanians are all thieves, and furthermore, everyone in the Balkans is just waiting for the opportunity to...

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sevdah Now and Then

Mirza Basic of London Sevdah Blog writes about Amira Medunjanin's recent concert – and about his mother performing all those years ago: “Bosnia's historical records have been largely destroyed during the war and outfit which my mum is wearing in this picture has been largely forgotten about, or people deem...

Former Yugoslavia: Auschwitz Pavilion

East Ethnia visits the Yugoslavia pavilion at Auschwitz and writes: “Since the country that designed the exhibit no longer exists, and since the museum site does not have extra barracks for the countries that have come about in the meantime, the Yugoslav pavilion will probably remain a fascinating relic of...

Lebanon: Living Through Terror

This was yet another violent week here in Lebanon. In addition to the military action, taking place in the North between the Lebanese Army and the militants, and the almost regular explosions taking place around the country, this week was marred by another assassination, writes Moussa Bashir, who brings us the latest conversations from the Lebanese blogosphere.