Sri Lanka: On being terrorized on what being terrorized means “Sri Lanka is fundamentally different from the LTTE in that we do have systems and freedoms to enable a moral or at least decent state. The danger is that the spectre of the LTTE causes us to lower our own moral standards, until being better than terrorists is all we aspire to. It is not, and it should not be. Sri Lanka is better than that.”

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  • M Kumar

    It is crass stupidity to believe or comprehend that the politicians running the Government of Sri Lanka has lost control of the situation. The Rajapakse brothers creating all the mayhem and misery are the sole mafia in charge of that blood stained country.
    Mahindra aka Mahinda is the DON. His agenda is to fool all the citizens, to control 70% of Sri Lanka’s budget (enable him to increase his personal foreign deposits), mislead the indifferent international community and Heads of State especially the south block mandarins in Delhi by chanting the chorus “I want a negotiated settlement with the Tamils” and go on as many junkets as possible at state expense with his large entourage and tell the amused world leaders that Tamil terrorists are destroying his country!!

    His brother Goat’s only qualification is, his American citizenship which he obtained by deceit and being a gofer at a 7/11 store in US for over 15years.Added to that he was a rake in SLA along with his buddy Fonseka (sorry no Portuguese but of Aryan descent!! BS!!) the current Commander of SLA. Goat’s only agenda at present is to flaunt his position as The Terminator and terrorize all the Tamils, (sorry excluding General Douglas not Macarthur but Kathiravelu and Murali aka Karuna- the murderer) old, young, pregnant mothers, sick women and men. All are Tamil terrorists!!. He is ably assisted by Tamil baiters Kotta ga ga deniya and pompous filibuster Ko ko? ha na who is also an expat who made his “fortune” in Australia. Goat has succeeded in making a kill by getting a huge kick-back. He has ordered five (5) Russian MIG-29 with Mach speed to crush a couple of mosquitoes, the Czech-designed Zlin-143 /147 flown by TAF or Tamil Terrorists according to Goat. One senior journalist in Colombo stated: Make no mistake, Goat’s contribution to the Rajapakse Empire is more than US $ 80M via commissions and kickbacks. His plus point is that he has memorized by rote “War on Terror” by Bush, Cheney and Blair. He quotes extensively from this manual!! This is when the education, health and infrastructure in SL have reached a point of collapse and even university dons are not getting paid for their services. That is the current situation in that gulag.
    His other brother Ba Ba Sil is the commission agent and collector or generally known as Mr. 14%. Collects the kickbacks and extortion money from the terrified Tamil and Muslim businessmen. He too is a permanent resident of the US and has extensive contacts with the underworld gangsters and drug dealers. According to the grapevine he makes frequent trips to Bahamas and Cayman Islands. It is anyone’s guess whether he is an avant-grade tourist who worships the sun, sand and the sea. These three men do not even have the semblance of decency and humanness. They are destroying an already fragile country.
    The forcible expulsion of economically weak and down trodden Tamils from the budget inns in Colombo is the last straw in the litany of crimes and punishments dished out to the hapless Tamils. Tamil Tigers are the ultimate winners in this tragic episode. They will ratchet their propaganda machine and blow out of proportion with half-truths and emotional accounts, the expulsion of the Tamils. You need not be a rocket scientist to understand the philosophy, behaviorism and overall attitude of the Tigers. They have a “Bunker Mentality.” Il Duce (Velu P) never tolerates dissent, discussion and pluralism. The few foghorns in the Diaspora will champion his cause and celebrate his triumphs. Good Luck to them!! Ask anyone who had lived in North-East during the last five years. Their testimony and my personal experience bring home the truth, “We opened our mouth only to eat food!!” Il Duce and his henchmen had permanently poisoned the minds of Indian rulers and the decision makers in Delhi. Without Indian covert or overt assistance Eelam is a pipedream.
    It is paramount for our Sinhalese sisters and brothers to realize that the overzealous bigots who had masqueraded as true Sinhala patriots had squandered economic development and the peoples’ stability and future. After 59 years of political independence, Sri Lanka is still a basket case dependent on aid and others’ good-will!! Thailand, Malaysia and even South Korea who were behind SL in economic development and quality of life index in the 50s and 60s had overtaken SL by leaps and bounds. Remember Mr.Dharmista (JRJ) who said that he will squash Tamil terrorism in two weeks. It never happened. His only son a known felon, his family and immediate relatives are domiciled and enjoying their bounties in Australia. So much for their patriotism!! Rajapakse brothers will follow the precedent and settle in Bahamas. SL will be in an eternal bind. The people of SL must start thinking of a mass movement like in Venezuela led by Hugo Chavez to overthrow these corrupt politicians. Otherwise they are doomed.

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