Bhutan: The Wangchuks and the future

For A Democracy on why the Wangchuks will find the future harder than they imagined. “In the sponsorship of wangchuks, a survey had said Bhutanese are the happiest of all Asians and now the survey by government body itself, created by inventor of GNH for Jigme’s sake, has revealed that only 60 people out of 100 are happy. Ironically, the mock survey asked 350 people in mass of 700,000.”


  • kheno

    So how are the Wangchhuks going to find future difficult? You haven’t explained enough.

  • wangchuk

    where are you getting these information about the survey and can you please justify how it would be difficult for the Wangchuck family?
    thanking you.

  • Pachha Rangdol

    Well, the history will judge but if the wangchuks are changing the history now with vested interests, the true history will never come out in which case we will blame wangchuks and hold them low.

  • pem pem

    Because most probably the maternal uncle of the present King will become the future Prime Minister of Bhutan in 2008 who along with his family are alleged by the majority of Bhutanese to have the control over the Government. They can bend the rules and bully the Government officials to suit their needs , they own big business houses and they are the wealthiest family in Bhutan. While this family have been ammasing wealth by illegal means what have been the present King and his Father Jigme Singye Wangchuck have been doing to stop it.

  • Tobgay

    Lady Neha Viswanathan,
    good for your effort to find about Bhutan’s happiness. I just want to inform you that atleast Bhutan is not like your country so corrupted which is why it had been ranked top amongst the Asian Countries in terms of Happiness. You had never been to Bhutan so your knowledge about this country is very limited. Bhutanese don’t need your survery and is not necessary for you to take pain finding about other’s happiness when you are not happy where you are. hope you got my point.

    Instead I advise you to get bit matured to understand more about what you are trying to bring out.


    All the bst Neha.

  • Huk

    From what I can see, it is just an expression of opinion, an uninformed opinion. What would she know of Wangchucks anyway, or for that matter what Bhutanese happiness is about.

  • Dear Neha,
    Your proposition indicates that, the survey which was recently conducted in Bhutan to measure people’s opinion rests only on 350 people’s preferences about the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan, so it doesn’t represents opinion of 700000 people. I don’t know, why you have proposed this hypothesis, I think, you might know as a social scientist, that all survey, whether it is in India or in any part of the world takes random sample and it can’t be of all the people. Secondly, the concerned survey was not only conducted by the Royal Government of Bhutan but also Japanese institution participated in it and it was not like as you have proposed. Even if you think in those directions going against the survey, then please also check data of recently mock poll conducted in the month of April and May 2007 in Bhutan, in which, the Druk Yellow Party whose manifesto was based on preservation of culture and tradition won a convincing victory. The party won in 46 of the country’s 47 constituencies and the other group the Druk Red Party for industrial led development won the only seat from the Bartsham-Shongphu constituency in Trashigang. In this mock poll, 161,986 registered voters or about 40 percent of the eligible voters cast their vote. And the winning of Druk Yellow Party itself proves, that the concerned survey conducted with 350 people is up to the mark and correct. Although you are free to again formulate the proposition that the mock election was a sham and Wangchuck’s will find future harder. This is also to request you, to always come out with all the points of survey which you are mentioning, rather then presenting half picture. Hope you wouldn’t take my comment in bad spirit, my intention in not in any way to hurt you.

    With best wishes & regards,

  • lango dorji

    it is not true to say all bhutanses people are happy but it’s also not to say most are unhappy.

  • kneno and wangchuk: The idea is to click on the link dear folks – and go to the post that has the “actual post”. This isn’t my article or my opinion. Please do read that 1.5 line very carefully. :)

  • Ramesh

    Don’t worry guys, whether Bhutanese are happy or not “rose by any other name will remain as rose”.
    Indeed Bhutanese are happy, we feel we lucky to born in Bhutan.

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