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Morocco: A Photo Tour

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Ask any photographer – Morocco is undoubtedly one of the world's most photogenic locations. Australian Moroccan Meanderings [1] is one blogger who chose to substitute photos for words this week, telling us:

Since I have had some positive responses about the photographs on this blog, I thought I would include a few others that give a snapshot of Morocco.

dades_gorge1.jpeg [2]

The photo above is of the Dades Gorge [3], in the southeast of the country. But not only the gorges are gorgeous! Blogger Wakha [4] shares a spectacular photograph from Essaouira along with a fitting quote:

Essaouira by Lindsey Ludwig from Wakha Blog [5]
Photo by Lindsey Ludwig

“I am within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Moroccan sky is a common object of photographers, as already shown. The Morocco Report [6] shows us another facet of Morocco's clear skies, this time farther north in the city of Meknes.

Photo by Jillian York, Meknes, Morocco [7]

But it isn't only the Moroccan sky that tantalizes – certain objets d'art can do the same, particularly rugs, which Morocco is known for. Maryam of My Marrakesh
shows us some of Morocco's multicolored treasures:

Objets d’art by My Marrakesh [8]

The last photo this week takes us to the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music [9], which is about to wrap up. Blogger Long Way Home
shared a smattering of photos from the festival, which turned out to be a truly multicultural event this year. My favorite is of a group performing Gregorian chants:

Fes Festival by Long Way Home - Gregorian Chants [10]