10 June 2007

Stories from 10 June 2007

Argentina: Why Macri Won

  10 June 2007

Esteban Grinberg writes in De Todo Un Poco [ES] that Mauricio Macri collected the highest vote total in last week's mayoral election in Buenos Aires. Even though he did not vote for him, “He provided a campaign with constructive discussion, with proposals, and avoiding a dirty campaign. To put a...

Bolivia: Blogger Reactions to New Documentary

  10 June 2007

Hugo Miranda collects Bolivian blogger feedback to the new documentary [ES], “The State of Things,” which was filmed by Marcos Loayza in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme. He also observes that the documentary's official blog has only received five comments to date.

Cambodia: Bloggers still skeptical of Khmer Rouge tribunal after agreement

  10 June 2007

After continuous delays in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia's (ECCC's) tribunal proceedings, the United Nations and the Cambodian Bar Association reached an agreement last week on how much the CBA can charge volunteer tribunal attorneys. Although this is a step forward in securing transitional justice for Cambodians, international bodies and the Cambodian government are still debating over when the actual trial will begin. Cambodian bloggers, in response, are still skeptical over promises of reconciliation.

Thailand: Anti-Censorship Resources Distributed

  10 June 2007

Fed up with the recurring censorship of web sites in Thailand, the anti-censorship group FACT (Freedom Against Censorship Thailand) has started distributing a CD titled “Beat the Censors” that contains programs to circumvent the blocks and other anti-censorship resources. “The censors have no power unless we give it to them....

Indonesia: Parents Comparing Children

  10 June 2007

So Mote it Be is cross at parents who like to compare their children with other's children. “Even if your precious one can read in the age of one, it doesn't necessarily mean he'd be smarter than his peers in the future. Ohkay, so he can walk before his first...

Morocco: A Photo Tour

Ask any photographer - Morocco is known as one of the world's most photogenic spots. This week's post by Jillian York showcases photographs from all over the country - from the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music to the gorgeous gorges of the Dades Valley.

Iran:Copyright problem

Oham reports[Fa] about Iranian singer, Mohsen Namjoo, who in his interview with an Iranian journal talks about the copyright problem in Iran.The blogger says now that government does not support copyright laws,may be people can respect it and send money on a bank account to support artist(s).

Kuwait's Reputation is Gonu !

Kuwaiti bloggers were on high alert this week, awaiting news of the devastating cyclone Gonu, which has killed around 50 people in nearby Oman. Abdullatif AlOmar, who reviews this week's blogs, also tells us how they were enraged with an op-ed which appeared in a local newspaper - which they say aimed at tarnishing their country's reputation.

Israel: Jerusalem Pride, Democratic Shame

Gilad Lotan takes a look at what Hebrew bloggers have to say about a Pride Parade being planned in the holy city of Jerusalem. Should Gay Parades exist in Jerusalem? Should they be allowed to go ahead to enable minorities to have a voice in democratic Israel? Click to read more.

Philippines: Must Visit Museum

  10 June 2007

Senor Enriques recommends the Bahay Tsinoy Museum as a must see. The museum celebrates Chinese heritage in Philippines. “ With great embarrassment I admit it was only when I moved back to Manila from New York that I finally realized the immense influence of the Chinese in our local history;...

Cambodia: Senior Khmer Rouge Member Dies

  10 June 2007

Andy Brouwer reports that another top-ranking member of the Khmer Rouge has escaped facing justice. “Fears that Ta Mok, known as ‘The Butcher,’ wouldn't live to see the tribunal to prosecute the surviving Khmer Rouge leaders, have come to fruition with his death today in a military hospital in Phnom...

Honduras: A Blogger Run-in With a Thief

  10 June 2007

Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve had a recent brush with a mugger on the streets of Tegucigalpa, where fortunately his laptop was untouched because he surrendered some of his cash. “Humiliated I post…but I'd rather be a wimp with a laptop than a macho with a black eye and no computer,”...